Don't Get Poisoned
Posted By: EarthtopusDate: 2/12/12 7:34 p.m.

Whereupon I discuss a lengthy teleporter trip, a new endgame strategy, and a solution to the Greater-Nightmare-At-The-Start-of-Please-Excuse-Our-Dust problem.

The mapping project is hopefully gaining ground (As I teaser, I can say I have identified a maximal fourteen-step pathway through the maze on Where Only Fools Dare tread that repeats no teleporters, as opposed to the minimal four-step method) and my own researches take some time, but--oh yeah, I was actually playing the game!

I love little moments of epiphany, and this post was an amazing eye-opener. I'd been wearing the Infra-Red Goggles since I got them (there being only two Phantasms with memorizable positions on A Plague of Demons to worry about) but here is the exact opposite strategy employed to do a very impressive thing--get down onto and through Feel the Power (3-packs of Oozes) with just the P4 ((sic), thanks weapons researchers!)

Simply put: the monsters are activated by the cone of your field of vision--however big this is! The infra-red goggles actually get guys shooting at you _earlier_ Other than the Labyrinth (need to see them quickly to shoot them) and for dealing with Wraiths, I may have been doing this backwards the whole time. It certainly would have made dealing with packs of Skitter-Ghasts on Watch Your Step! easier.

In any event, since I still had piles of HE grenades, once I mapped the teleporters and switched off my flashlight, Don't Get Poisoned took about nine minutes--even with all potions acquired and a lot of careful running away and saving (got to scrape together some SABOT rounds, after all). No flashlight= no more than two of three guys at once and NO long distance Greater Nightmare shots or football-field-distant earthquakes--I got through the level without quick-reloading the grenade launcher _at all_. The enclosed screenshot shows me at the first save rune on Please Excuse Our Dust--and putting on the IR goggles and looking around at this point immediately wakes up 5-6 monsters who cannot see me yet. More power to me--I could not have learned this at a more useful time with big wide-open spaces imcoming.

And the Greater Nightmares are immune to most forms of physical weapon--but not my tired old Orange Crystal. Right out of the teleporter one pop with that freezes the beast allowing you to back up in the square you're in (you appear to move back through the teleporter but since you stay in the same sector you don't retrigger it) allowing you a brief moment in which to safely blast him.

Points to take from the screenshot: still only 59 damage, not yet six hours into the game, and my damage ratio is actually about 825. I have no idea what's being divided by what there but it doesn't handle values above 200 particularly well.

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