Re: Battle of the Freedoms!
Posted By: treellamaDate: 7/15/11 3:44 a.m.

In Response To: Battle of the Freedoms! *LINK* (Hopper)

: Neither has bit-perfect silence (checked in a hex editor): in a silent
: section, Treellama's varies from -7 to +1, mine is consistent at -4
: instead of the ideal 0.

It's likely that Audacity is dithering when converting from its internal 32-bit float format down to 16-bit integers for the wav file. But, I'm willing to concede to you the privilege of recording the rest of them if you like.

I recorded them all, but the volumes are all over the place. Another bug in QT, *what a surprise*. I will have to do them again with muZak, after determining a "canonical" setting for its hidden volume control.

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