Lots of stories
Posted By: DestinyDate: 11/16/10 3:04 p.m.

Hey I need feedback on some of these stories I'm typing up. They're going to be used as RPGs (one isn't).


It had been months since the event of the Flintlock had happened. Walking outside he stares into the empty midnight sky expecting to see something. Dissapointed for seeing nothing he sits down on the wooden chair. You are the infamous Dave. Hero in the nightmare pyramind and the hero from the past that helped during the battle with the U.E.S.C. Flintlock and the mysterious colony. When in the future you were told that you were a Guardian Knight, a protector of things that are good. A Chaos Knight was apart of the battle. You were summoned by a Guardian to stop it. The Guardians said that you would be summoned again soon, but when? Getting off the wooden chair Dave starts to walk a bit. Looking into the sky Dave finds what he had been waiting for. A flash had appeared in the sky. A sudden beam like a hologram appeared on the ground. "The time has come for thy knight to return to the realm that is the future. In order to prevent a bad future you must enter from here knight. Much time has passed in the future. You will enter the year 2811. Durandal has arrived at Lh'own. Go knight. We shall update you once the time comes." The hologram dissapears in a flash. Before the light settles another beam strikes the ground. Dave enters this beam. It's a futuric time machine but much more. It's only a few minutes before he reaches the year 2811. Looking around for where he is Dave remembers that he isn't armed. [I]Well thats always good. I don't have a gun.[/I] Before Dave can complain anymore an engry pack and a pistol with ammo appears. [I]Never mind.[/I] Picking the pistol and the ammo up he keeps the pack just in case he runs into a tight spot. Walking down the hallway Dave spots some Pfhor. Taking his pistol he fires at the group of shocked Pfhor. [I]Bet they won't expect a human with a pistol![/I] Killing the group a spot in the wall opens up and a drone that looks a bit like a MADD from the Flintlock appears. It fires at Dave. [I]Looks like they got some better stuff.[/I] Empting the last of his pistol clip into the drone it falls to the floor. Reloading a door opens behind it a blue fighter. Aiming at its head he pulls the trigger. The wimpy fighter falls to the floor. Exiting the area Dave tries to destroy a lot of stuff. Seeing a trooper he grabs the dead Pfhor fighter's staff and throws it like a javilin at the trooper. It strikes the alien in the head. Taking the rifle a group of five fighters show up. Putting the rifle to good use he fires a grenade at their feet then mows them down with bullets. None survive in the path of Dave. Alarms ring all about the spaceship. Finding a window he looks out it seeing Lh'own. Before he realises it Dave teleports off the Pfhor spacecraft. Reappearing to a different place it looks strangly familar like the Pfhor warship he went to during the year 2794. A chuckling laughter is heard somewhere close by. Finding what looks like a computer terminal Dave suddenly remembers that laughter. "Well I didn't expect to find you there. This IS a surprise! Welcome to the Boomer." "Hello Durandal." "This is Lh'own, the S'pht homeworld. I've already sent one of my best down to the planet. Saddly you will not be meeting him. Now we can't let him know what happened during the traveling can we? Since your here I'll be putting you to good use. I'll send you to the armory area to get into better gear cause your going planetside. Oh and you have no choice, unless you would like to meet some old friends cause I've heard they REALLY want to meet you." Seeing that Dave has no choice he heads to the armory. Putting on some "better gear" he leaves with his pistol and three clips. Revisting a terminal Durandal pops up. "Well don't you look fancy! Time to meet those friends but with weapons. Your mission is to wipe out a certain sector. They got cannons that need to be taken out. You will get some backup. I rather not have all my humans dead yet. Go do what your good at." Being teleported Dave reappears planetside. Ten other humans beam in at your position. A Pfhor fighter spots you and your squad and warns the rest of the other Pfhor nearby. Running toward cover Dave feels that this is all like an old dream......


Finally after the long travel through space we finally reached Lh'own, the S'pht homeworld. Durandal started to awake colonist from their stasis chambers asking for volunteers. "Assist us and control your destiny, refuse and face indefinite return to the unreliable Pfhor stasis chambers." Few refused his offer. Men head to the armory being given pistols and ammuntion. Some were given other weapons. They were also given eye implants for some reason. They marched off to wherever Durandal wanted without a choice. Many died through the years searching for the mythical eleventh clan, the S'pht Kr. Not many believed that there was an eleventh clan but we had no choice but to follow orders. Though through the many deaths some survived through all the battles against the Pfhor. Robert Blake, the human leader, helped us through it and there was also the security officer from Tau Ceti.

This is our story. The history of the fighting on Lh'own.

3)One of the darkest hours in history for both the Terrans and Pfhor. Nobody expected something like that to EVER happen. A new faction rose that day. Nothing remained of the neutrel colony but destrution and the infected monsterious beings. Though some lived to tell the story and help stop the threat in their tracks for the time being. Through the time period of the events over four million deaths were recorded. That wasn't counting the infected deaths. If those people, those heros weren't there that day the threat could have possibly reached both the Terran's and Pfhor's homeworlds destroying their races.

This is the story of the heros that survived through it all....
tHiS Is tHe StOrY oF ArE lOsS aGaInSt ThOsE pItIfUl hErOs....

1)Marathon Dave 2. A fanfic story.
2)Marathon 2 RPG. A role playing game COMING SOON to TBCR once the first RPG is finished.
3)Marathon Death. Another role playing game! Will be more complicated with class types, special abilities, and a lot of cool stuff! Still needs work.

Please give feedback. I need feedback in order to become better.

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