Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 12/30/08 6:25 p.m.

It exists again.

hl.bungie.org was once the hangout for all the cool kids on the internet, back when Myth was new and Marathon was still the most awesomest thing ever to leave Chicago; before the Dark Times, before the Acquisition, and That Game Which Shall Not Be Named (Even Though It's Pretty Cool Too).

Hotline was a protocol and pair of client/server programs that featured real-time chat, message boards, and file sharing capabilities. The company which produced the original software is now long defunct, but the protocol was reverse engineered even before they went under, and alternative client and server programs now exist.

If you're new around here and that link above isn't working, you need to download a Hotline client:

If you've got one of those and that link still isn't working, open the client manually, enter hl.bungie.org as the server (no username or password required), then click Connect or OK or whatever your client calls it.

Then come hang out with us old geezers while we bitch about kids these days always on our damn lawns... I mean, while we have totally bitchin' parties and play the coolest games, like, ever, dude. Fo shizzle.

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