Eternal X - Criticism
Posted By: HendrixDate: 5/22/08 12:05 p.m.

Hi. I've been lurking here for years, and for some reason I have never posted anything, which is very unlike me since I am a real Forum dweller and a Marathon fan.

Ok, enough about that!

The reason why I'm posting is that I finally downloaded Eternal X and I've been playing it for 2-3 hours every night for one and a half week now (on Kindergarden dificulty)and I can't decide wether I like the game/scenario or not.

The plot and the storytelling in Eternal X are top notch! -I even think that it surpasses the original Marathon triliogy on this point. What I'm reffering to here is the Terminal texts - the maker/makers of Eternal X have captured the flavor and style from the previous games and refined it, and on top of that there are tons of new stuff for us to dig into. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

I also like the mixed array of M:I/M2 units and M1 units (I personally prefer the M1 look of Hunters and Troopers).

I also appriciate the fun details and the elaborate ways the map makers have created radar screens, machines etc. just by using polygons and vivid light effects.

What I don't like with Eternal X is the textures. I don't like them at all (except certain selections from the Pfhor texture set). The reason I dislike the textures is because they feel very artificial, sterile and monotone in a bad way; the textures don't look real (they look computer-generated), nor do they got any soul or feeling (because they look computer-generated). They are just too clean, bleak and pattern-like for my taste. The textures definitely ruin the Eternal X experience for me. It feels like I'm running around shooting Pfhor inside of Photoshop. NOTE: I do like the new Landscapes though.

Another thing I don't like about Eternal X is how repetative the gameplay is. It feels like I'm mowing my way through labyrinths hitting random switches that have no relation to each other. ...Or maybe the textures are the problem here as well since there seem to be only two switch types/designs (one switch, and one chip drive) per texture set. The texture sets from the original Marathon games had a wide array of switches, which made the levels feel more alive.

My last complaint is the weapons in Eternal X. The ammount of ammo you wade through in the game is just crazy. I know that I've been playing the game on the Kindergarden difficulty, but still! 49 Pfhor Staffs, 49 Rifle clips, 49 grenade mags etc. is just insane and makes the game feel even more unrealistic and video game-like than it all ready is (thanks to the textures).

Another thing about the weapon arsenal is the choice of weapons. I like the fusion pistols, the fusion cannon, the Trooper rifle etc. But the graphics of the Pfhor Staff is absolutely horrible. The Enforcer Flame Rifle feels very redundant when you all ready got three other automatic weapons to play with (like the Fusion cannon, the Trooper rifle and the Copland-Beta (Enforcer machinegun)). I miss the good old flamethrower - a short/medium range weapon like that would've been cool as well as it would've made the arsenal more variated and versatile.

Despite all the criticism and complaints, I still find Eternal X a good game/mod, simply because the sheer size of the scenario, the amazing plot and the superb storytelling.

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