Volunteers: Eternal "Memory" L.02~L.04
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/1/08 2:30 a.m.

"Septococcal Pfhoryngitis"

Wasp is smaller than M1. Yet another trivial diferrences...
This level have no complicated puzzles, have not many switches to toggle. Only terminal says marely guidance. So I have litte things in this level to talk about... except..

In terminal datas, there are two unused section. One is familier "Marathon Emergency Systems Broadcast" one. It might be due to the change of storyline.

The other is very intersting poet written by map author. "An Ode to Bob" and "The Bob Not Spanken". Unfoutunatly, to read them, you must use DTB or Hex or somethings.


This is the first Pfhor level in Eternal-X. What to do is to run and find the exit polygon. So enjoy yourself.

We saw trooper and Hunter first now (if I didn't miss.) Trooper also drops their weapon. But Hunter doesn't.

There is a scecret in this level. There are a invincibility and fusion ammos. You can find them by opening a scecret door.

"Sekhmet Rising"

I are back to Marathon... The entrance is upper-left. Don't waste time here. We're in a vacuum.

Tycho is still alive. So Leela (and M1's manual text) was wrong about Tycho. Apparetely, he is not rampant yet like him in M2, Mi.

It seems during my absent, Bernhard was killed and nobody can stop Durandal now. That too bad. And Tycho says there is something worse than Pfhor and Durandal...
Hathor trys to revenge Human...

Oh I found Hathor again. I found Tycho is not lying now.

I already know which way is right, but I proceed to follw Hathor...

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Volunteers: Eternal "Memory" L.02~L.04pfhore 5/1/08 2:30 a.m.
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