PID Remake, just a tidbit...
Posted By: Jonathan TennantDate: 12/31/07 8:47 p.m.

I just noticed this on the PID wiki at:

"Pathways Into Darkness Remake is an unreleased but in-progress (as of March 2007[2]) remake of Pathways with an original game engine.[3][4]"

It linked to my old posts about the remake I'm working on, and I thought since someone took enough interest to add it there I should give an update on my progress.

First, it is NOT dead. However, it is not currently being worked on. Instead I am focusing all of my resources (time and money) into my own project, an indie game I intend to sell which is based on the original (public domain) works of HP Lovecraft (using nothing invented by later authors, such as Derleth).

However, my current plan is that once it is finished I am going to clean up the engine and license it to Blitz3D users as a starter FPS engine. Then I am going to begin my "dream" works, which start with the PiD remake.

Instead of creating an exact remake, I intend to create an updated version which will include the same basic layout but improved graphics style, somewhat different gameplay, and a few suprises for veteran PiD players.

I don't want to spoil anything, but once it is finished I also plan on creating a similar remake of at least the original Marathon. My current version of the engine is aimed at slower, adventure style games but I plan to then create a more action-oriented version with multiplayer support, and a freebie Marathon remake would be the perfect demonstration for it's capabilities.

I have my ideas for it...but I will not be commenting on it until the PiD remake, and my own game, are completed. If anyone is interested in learning more (about the PiD remake, my own game and my plans for a Marathon remake are staying under wraps for now), I will gladly post more info so you can comment on it and possibly offer suggestions.


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