Re: Trojan Volunteers - Lune Noire
Posted By: Dr. John SumnerDate: 10/25/05 4:54 a.m.

In Response To: Trojan Volunteers - Lune Noire (Steve Levinson)

: Well, it's been quite a while, but I'd really like to finish this thing off
: and I hope that some of you might take an interest. John, I hope that you
: didn't suffer too much damage from Wilma, but your comments are always
: insightful here.

We were very fortunate in Tampa. Out city was just on the outer fringes of the rain and strong winds. We got maybe an inch of rain and 20-40 mph winds.

As for this level, it was one of the toughest levels for me in the scenario. Not so much because I had to use a lot of ammo, but because it presented numerous situations that required much planning and many attempts before succeeding.

: Behind a door the player encounters an entirely new
: kind of monster - a kind of, well, it looks like a hanging skinned chicken
: and it seems to hang on a track fire high-energy bolts.

This particular room is one of the situations I mentioned above. Once you enter the room, it is impossible to exit without proceeding up the elevator Steve mentions. Meanwhile you have to deal with the hanging chickens. Somehow, I got through this room using only Fists and Alien weapons. Although I cannot remember how much I relied on Fists, I do remember that it is possible to defeat these enemies with Fists. It takes knowing how they move and where to strike them to inflict enough damage.

: From here things are much more
: straight-forward, although there is a rough spot in which the player has
: to cross a slime-filled room with enemies shooting from both sides.

Again, this is another one of those situations. However, when you ride the platform down to this room, don't step off the platform. The poly right in front of the platform is a "glue trigger" poly and activates the two enemies guarding the door on the other side, as well as the enemies in the raised side areas. Instead, stay on the platform and launch several grenades across to the enemies guarding the door. Since they are on a "glue" poly, they won't leave the poly even after you hit them with a grenade. I was able to take both of them out with 2 grenades. Then one additional grenade was used to activate the high switch that opens the door. Of course, moving off the platform activated the remaining enemies, so you have to be quick in hitting the switch.

I think this level demonstrates what makes Trojan the hardest scenario for me personally, given the way I play and the high expectations I place on myself. However, this level is not unique. Most of the levels (not all thankfully) place the player in similar situations. Some of the situations can be resolved without ammo, but at the cost of time-consuming planning and numerous replays until getting it right. Some of the situations are just impossible (or infeasible) to resolve without using ammo (and in a few cases, a lot of ammo). No criticism intended with these remarks. In fact, Trojan is one of my favorite scenarios and very, very satisfying to beat.

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Trojan Volunteers - Lune NoireSteve Levinson 10/24/05 4:45 p.m.
     Re: Trojan Volunteers - Lune NoireDr. John Sumner 10/25/05 4:54 a.m.

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