Trojan Volunteers - Lune Noire
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 10/24/05 4:45 p.m.

Well, it's been quite a while, but I'd really like to finish this thing off and I hope that some of you might take an interest. John, I hope that you didn't suffer too much damage from Wilma, but your comments are always insightful here. Kyjel, you requested this volunteers series, so I definitely would like to hear you chime in.

OK, when we left off, we had destroyed the Gencorp ship and returned to the Troy colony to mop things up, only to find that there wasn't much left. Now it's time to do to the aliens what we did to Gencorp - it's time to get our revenge. Lune Noire is our first foray on the alien vessel. This time we're here just to explore, but of course it doesn't hurt to kill everything in sight, now, does it?

Once again, I'm not going to repeat the walk-through that's already in the Spoiler Guide, but there is a new monster to discuss and some interesting plot elements. As with our expeditions to the Gencorp ship, we make use of an orbital satellite as a place of refuge to save our game, recharge and collect ammo. We can return by standing in front of any window from which we can see the satellite. Actually, there are only 3, one of which is at the entry point and is quickly left behind. The second one is reached much later in the level and it actually leads to a second, but identical satellite - it gives the illusion of returning to the same place, but with a different terminal message and a fresh set of ammo. Very nice. The third is the exit.

Once the player jumps down from the entry point, they can head to the left, to a large cavernous room that eventually leads to the end - there is a switch that needs to be flipped here - or to the right, which leads to the rest of the level. Behind a door the player encounters an entirely new kind of monster - a kind of, well, it looks like a hanging skinned chicken and it seems to hang on a track fire high-energy bolts. I'm not sure how the track effect was accomplished, but it is certainly unique. The exit from this room isn't at all clear. First the player must ride an elevator up to the next floor and confront a number of monsters and then flip a switch, then return back down. There is a platform on which an alien weapon is resting - you actually need to aim down and tab on the platform itself to lower it and proceed. From here things are much more straight-forward, although there is a rough spot in which the player has to cross a slime-filled room with enemies shooting from both sides. Eventually the player returns to the starting area, from which they can head back to that large cavernous room and the exit to Savage Streak.

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Trojan Volunteers - Lune NoireSteve Levinson 10/24/05 4:45 p.m.
     Re: Trojan Volunteers - Lune NoireDr. John Sumner 10/25/05 4:54 a.m.

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