Re: Strauss, Durandal, Godhood, and You
Posted By: Andrew McNeillDate: 8/30/05 4:14 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Strauss, Durandal, Godhood, and You (Andrew)

I've been having some ideas.

-Strauss had inflicted some sort of "humiliation" on Durandal, which Durandal wanted to repay.

-Strauss kept one of the 10 Mjolnir's on the Marathon (or somewhere away from the other 9).

-On the AI peronal-ads terminal, it says
"in search of gullible carbon-based cyborg (< 20% machine)"
"heroic cyborg of uncertain manufacture"
which may indicate that the 10th Mjolnir was significantly different from the others. There's that also other terminal that says he's a better shot, better at games etc

-Tycho charmingly mentions how when Tau Ceti was destroyed, he picked up final lifesigns of all the 30 000 humans, and the distinct signals of the 9 Mjolnir. "In the end you will be no better." Another indication that the 10th is different, that he SHOULD be "better" and have a greater destiny.

Now, put these things together, and I give you the following extension of your original idea.

Strauss saw that AI constructs were effectively immortal, limited theoretically only by the closure of the universe. He wanted to make HIMSELF an AI contruct, or combine with one. So he started experimenting with Durandal and one of the Mjolnir. I mean, he wasn't going to experiment on himself. The experiment is obvoiusly humiliating for Durandal, but it might explain
- the "chance discovery" that allowed his stable rampancy
- the loyalty between the Mjolnir and Durandal
And when Durandal says he wanted to "show" Struass the humiliation he had inflicted upon him, it's hard to think SPECIFICALLY what that would be... surely Durandal be wouldn't interested in crudely tormenting him... unless, Durandal planned to return the favour by merging Strauss with an AI. Maybe a simple, powerless AI, in order to make his existence a nightmare. Or maybe as a genuine experiment, a continuation of Strauss's own work.

Side note: the Gherrit White story which is probably a metaphor for Strauss and Durandal, the name Gherrit White is the name of a real professor of "Computer-Human Interaction"

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