DiaBD Volunteers - Bats in the Belfry
Posted By: MartiNZDate: 7/2/05 3:51 a.m.

We start in a large empty room, to the sound of pirates arriving, but they are no danger to us, yet. We note that this is a vacuum level, but an oxygen recharger is not too far off. There's a door here that doesn't open, and as we can't get back to this room for much longer, I don't see it having potential as a secret.... The door that does open leads us up some stairs and through a door into a small fight, a terminal and pattern buffer, and the oxygen recharger in a room off to the left.

The terminal gives us some instructions but not really enough if you ask me, and the fact that we can't get back to it later doesn't help. Basically we have to hit three switches in a certain order to get out of here ... but what order? The vacuum is explained by damage we did to the Diablo and an unknown gas leaking into the area - great. Now to get on with exploring - well we don't seem to be able to get very far, until working out that heading towards the oxygen recharger room opens the door at the other end of the corridor. Beyond this there is a switch for this door as well, which allows us to access that pattern buffer for a little bit longer. Down the stairs a door opens as we go past it, to reveal the pirates that we heard right at the start. The door further along opens but only leads to another locked one at the moment.

After dealing with the pirates, recharging oxygen and saving again, we head through the self-opening door as the only way to go. Here we get access to a 1x shield recharger, a door to a switch, which opens the door we just saw a minute ago, and a couple more rooms with pirates and a little ammo. Now bearing in mind that we're in vacuum, getting out of this area could have been made easier. There's a lift behind a hidden door in the middle of the central room here, which I remember having activated in playing the level the first time, ages ago... but could not work out how to activate this time. So I took the way out that I did remember - a 'secret' door in one of the side rooms.

This leads up some stairs to an annoying area for navigation, with solid objects really getting in the way. An invisible Galaxan 'appears' at one point, and we see a couple of S'pht'kr as we have known them - they seem a bit bored. Again there is only one way to continue, past a couple of locked doors to run across ground that slowly starts sinking into lava. At the end of this we have access to the earlier area of the level again, to the left, but the door back to the pattern buffer is locked, and there is a small pirate presence, which is not really what we need right now. Rather, to the right, we encounter just a couple of fighters, another S'pht'kr, a switch, and a little further on, a 2x shield recharger and another oxygen recharger ... just in time. In this room there is a narrow opening along the length, with a couple of drones and some ammo visible but unattainable. There is also the sound of a platform rising at some points in the room, but no evidence of this.

There is also a view into the area that we want to end up in - which we also saw from the terminal room earlier. The switch in the room just back lowers one side of the central chamber in that room, revealing countless drones that eventually take out the solo S'pht'kr in there to deal with them. The panel rises again if we don't switch it off, which is what we want to do, so that we can get in at the bottom. Back in the direction of the earlier part of the level, the previously locked door is now open and leads to a pattern buffer and another switch. This one I'm not sure about. From the map we also see an area much higher up - too high to access in our vacuum state, frustratingly, as we discussed earlier.

Now the next step appears to be a passage leading out of the lava that we hopefully just avoided a few paragraphs back :) - this we see in map view, and having saved again and recharged ourselves, I suppose we can risk it.

We come out in a room with a few fighters and then a big drop. The drop takes us down to where the lift that I couldn't activate would have. From one side of an expanse of lava, we take out a bunch of projectile fighters shooting through a narrow opening, and then fusion the switch on their platform across the lava. This raises platforms across the lava pool to some drones and stairs that lead to an oxygen recharger. There's some ammo to pick up from the fighters' platform down there before we carry on up the stairs. In both directions these link us up with the area with the 1x recharger again, and so with the rest of the level we know so far.

Now, the first time I played this level, this was as much as I ever found out. After going around and around all these areas and getting frustrated that I could not rocket jump to the one visible new area, I did eventually give up, out of boredom! And I was on the verge of having to wait until its volunteering to work it out this time, when I happened upon the 'secret' door leading in towards the big octagonal chamber - leading off from the passage with the lava run nearby and the way to the 2x and oxygen recharger at the end - Eureka!

To me this is just another example of the "the place you have to go next often defies logic" sentiment from right near the beginning of the volunteering of this scenario - but I was so excited to have found the way that this was soon forgotten.

So we go down a lift and find countless drones, which we must take out from the periphery, the way in being blocked by 'posts'. There is a locked door to the right, and an unlocked one to the left - the latter takes us to another lift, which leads to more drones and a way into the main chamber. There is also a door that leads to another passage, and a hidden door leading to the drop off that we so frustratingly saw earlier. The passage takes us to another opening onto the chamber, via a spiral staircase. Here there is another switch!

Now it is basically a matter of falling into the chamber and then further into the central tower, before taking the lift up while dealing with constantly reappearing drones, and then guessing at the sequence in which to hit the three switches at the top (left, right and centre - idiomatic somehow?). And then we head straight to the final terminal, in which we hear that Mithrandir has been able to communicate with the Diablo's information system thanks to our efforts in killing most of the pirates, and that the UESC congratulates us and offers us stripes. Great! But we still have to go to the pirates' home base, and survive, to get them. Bring on AMBUSH!

Now I've played to the end of the last level but AlephOne reacted simply by quitting as I left the final terminal - I assume there is an end screen or similar ... could you post it somehow if so when you volunteer the level? Cheers.

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