DiaBD Volunteers: With a little help
Posted By: MartiNZDate: 6/11/05 2:26 p.m.

I finished this one last night and was quite inspired to do a write-up of it, so here goes: for a start the help refers to the rather unique use of Bobs in the level. I'm not entirely sure but I assume if you let them all die you are stuck from pretty early on. Unfortunately I'm also still playing with no terminal pictures ... not too sure why but I believe this made it much harder to work out where to go in the later stage of the level, and even led me to inadvertently discover a rather convoluted secret....

From the terminal in the first room it sounds as if this is going to be a pretty short trip - just get to the transporter up a lift not too far away. Unfortunately it doesn't quite turn out that way. Down the first lift we encounter some pirates and a locked door, and then a nasty ambush in a 2x recharger room the other way - best to pop back out and take them from the corridor; fun with shotguns. Even more fighters pop in from a corridor heading out far up above when we get right up to the charger. I tried grenading myself up there a few times later on but couldn't quite swing it - anything useful there?

The room nearby is where we were told to get to, but it turns out we can't turn that lift on at the moment! There is another lift on a platform here, but it seems to be home only to a couple of troopers. The next room has a terminal that acknowledges that our task will now be a bit more difficult - this is where those pictures would make all the difference I think. All I got was that the Bobs were going to have to help us, and the "this is the last elevator the humans can help you with" didn't mean much to me on its own. Never mind.

More fighters in the next room and then some windows open up to show a whole row of projectile fighters above a lava pool. Plenty of them fall in there in the process and the rest are made short work of with fusion, or magnum if you have enough. And now we can hit the switch at the side of the platform they were on - it opens a door and releases a bunch of Bobs into that room. They tend to need a bit of encouragement to start moving - in the form of a few bullets :) - but one will eventually make it down the stairs and all the way along the path to open that locked door - very useful.

Once we get in there there is another fight that puts those Bobs at risk - at least we've got that recharger nearby, even if no pattern buffer yet. There is a room off the platform above the lava with some ammo, and as I discovered, another one near the other end of the platform - nice symmetry. Then we carry on to another ambush and then another lava pool with a platform to help us to the top. Now it seems pretty quiet ... and heading around the circular ledge we enter a corridor and find: a pattern buffer; another 2x recharger; and a few terminals with some random stories about: a money-making scheme using BBSes (a nice look at the past with the dates 1989-90), with names linked to the "USEC Marathon" ... somehow that's not quite right; a green-card lottery to be shut down in light of a bill in the Earth government; and a new computer virus - a panicky piece of text not unlike what we've seen in the past. Other than the mention of the Marathon in this otherwise unrelated scenario, I didn't get much out of it all. Anyway, there's a switch here as well.

And as the only way to go is back, we soon find out what the switch did. Getting back down on the platform over the lava calls for a grenade or two, as just pressing the switch doesn't give you quite enough time. After clearing the pirates we go down the lift and find some troopers and hunters around square columns, which eventually lead us to a locked door from near the beginning of the level ... and at least the way I did it, not much else of note. Walking up to the door opens it but nothing seems different on the other side ... hmmm.

Anyway, being curious, I went back and found a door on one side of the second square column - which leads to a switch and two breakable circuit boards. The result of dealing with these is the draining of the lava from the pools and the opening of a door in one of them. I didn't notice that last bit for a couple of sweeps, as I was really trying to find something that could help me with the mission. But then it turned into quite a secret - a MOAH guarding a lift up to an area looking something like 'House of Pain' and containing a couple of SPNKRs! And then further on, a lift to a secret terminal, situated at the top of the first lava pool - I had wondered what was there.

Thankfully when I then returned down the lift to the square column rooms I found the small cubby hole of the side of the last corridor now went further, courtesy of a Bob that had somehow made his way down there - at this point I remembered this part of the level from long ago ... as if from a dream. I don't fully understand how this series of platforms operates, but from just one switch and some waiting on in-between platforms, we eventually get to the platform we were trying for all along, and now we can switch the switches controlling it, yay.

And then we take off to a much easier level....


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DiaBD Volunteers: With a little helpMartiNZ 6/11/05 2:26 p.m.
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