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Posted By: K-chiDate: 3/22/05 3:58 p.m.

In Response To: correction (SkidMark)

: I think the line is, "Computer can cry," not "You, sir, can
: cry." I'm not sure because I can't find the official version that
: used to posted at Particle Man's website, but it would fit in with,
: "Scream in your face, I'm sad, I'm sad." Also (and I remember
: checking this on the official site... or else the government put something
: in my tap water) the line you have as "Do you want to ask me if the
: tales are true?" is actually "You want to ask me if intelligence
: rules." Steve Rogers really slurs his line, but this version fits
: with Durandal bossing the security officer around - he's warding off a
: challenge to his authority.

It sounds like "The future can cry," to me.

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