Posted By: SkidMarkDate: 3/22/05 2:53 p.m.

In Response To: nevermind... found it. (Johannes Gunnar)

I think the line is, "Computer can cry," not "You, sir, can cry." I'm not sure because I can't find the official version that used to posted at Particle Man's website, but it would fit in with, "Scream in your face, I'm sad, I'm sad." Also (and I remember checking this on the official site... or else the government put something in my tap water) the line you have as "Do you want to ask me if the tales are true?" is actually "You want to ask me if intelligence rules." Steve Rogers really slurs his line, but this version fits with Durandal bossing the security officer around - he's warding off a challenge to his authority.

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