Eternal Volunteers - Run, Coward!
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 2/13/05 8:35 p.m.

OK, this will be my first post since taking over for blake 37. I'm going to try to get two posts in tonight since this one will be short.

Somehow, the name of this level and the nature of gameplay just don't jibe, and I strongly suspect that the monster parameters were not set properly, making the level ridiculously tame. In fact, I would say this is hands-down the most boring level in Eternal as it stands now. D-M.A., if this is your work, I would also suggest some map revisions along with some of the ideas posted regarding Dread Not. The overall design is boxy and although the Jjaro's use of color tends to be muted compared to the Pfhor, it was never this bland in the Trilogy. Think back to Aye Mac Sicur - you need to get away from so many straight paths and so much symmetry. Now, on to the plot.

We have returned to the Jjaro dreadnaught because Hathor has seized control and plans to use it to return to the future. In a sense, we know from the start that this is a failed timeline as we learn from Leela right away that the ship we just cleared out has been destroyed and, presumably along with it, the Drinnol rebellion. This is the end of the line and all we can do is to try to stop Hathor and trap her here. To do that, we must destroy the ship's cybernetic junction. We're never really told how to do this, but after a bit of exploration we will come to a switch in a corridor and then a series of 4 switches in a central area. Filpping these opens access to the south area of the map, which has some nice visuals. We ultimately come to a platform being guarded by a hunter, and a door behind the platform that leads to a transporter. The trick to get to that transporter is to tab on the door as the platform is descending, so you can enter before th platform rises again. The transporter throws you into space, from which you eventually teleport to the next level.

What I think was supposed to happen on this level is that you were to be under continuous attack from defense drones, scattered throughout the dreadnaught. These drones are fixed to pedestals placed in all the corridors and they are immune to anything you might throw at them. Just sitting there, they look pretty silly, but if they were constantly firing at you, you would never have time to actually see them and you'ld likly think them to be turrets. Instead they only fire on the few remaining Pfhor, who do not activate until you enter each room. Overall the effect looks ridiculous. If the turrets were constantly firing on the player, on the other hand, the game would be lively and you would literally have to run. All those shield rechargers seen throughout the level would also make a lot more sense.

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Eternal Volunteers - Run, Coward!Steve Levinson 2/13/05 8:35 p.m.
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