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Posted By: blake37Date: 1/9/05 8:04 a.m.

In Response To: Eternal Volunteers - Core Done Blew and Inti Omega (Adam Ashwell)

: After you complete Un-Wired you're sent to Core Done Blew to destroy
: Durandal's core. This map is very unique. It consists of a big, big area
: around Durandal's core, one half of which is significantly higher than the
: other. There are numerous elevators in this area, not to mention numerous
: enemies. The Pfhor are respawning on the higher half, but you'll still
: have to deal with a few hunters and invisible compilers on the lower half.

This is still my favorite level of chapter one. I didn't like the monster placement as much this time though, i feel the combat was too unevenly divided between the top part and bottom part.

: The flow of the map is as follows. You go up an elevator in the corner, jump
: down to a lower place, take the teleporter, flip a switch in there
: allowing you to get to the higher half. Go up there, face a huge horde of
: enemies, stop in by the terminal area to get some health and save your
: game, and head up the big tower thing. Flip either the left or right
: switch, and when you get back down go in that direction. Go back up the
: corner elevator, this time inside the first door you encounter, and run
: through the hall until you get to a little room with a window looking into
: a space between two doors. Flip switch, then run back and repeat with the
: other switch/side. Once you've done that, ride the elevator to the
: central...thing (in the lower half) and run up the stairs and get the
: chip. Return to the tower and put the chip in, then go back to the central
: thing and into the core. Here I prefer to use grenades - the platform
: annoys the hell out of me. People have complained about the invisible
: compilers coming in here, but I didn't have too much trouble with them -
: the bobs came in here and were able to keep my job compiler-free for quite
: a while.

I had to use the platform because I ran out of grenades and didn't want to go get more. I agree that the platform is way to slow, it got boring waiting for it to come back down. Maybe put some non-projectile fighters in that room to make it more intersting? I too had no trouble with the compilers.

: Now to sum it up. This level is fun, but it gets irritating to run back and
: forth to the tower, especially with those elevators being non-player
: activated - doing that would really, really, really help this level. I
: didn't encounter many problems with monster regeneration, but others did,
: so I'll let them relate their experiences in this thread. The platform
: idea in the core is cool, but it's just too slow - I have to wait for a
: LONG time for it to get back down, and even when it does I have to get on
: it quickly or it starts going up again. All in all a good, fun level.

I noticed that several of the platforms have been speed up. I think this takes a bit away from the level, it doesn't make it seem as big or important some how.

: Now on to Inti Omega. I've never really liked this level. It's confusing, and
: it doesn't make up for that with anything really. There are too many areas
: to enter and not enough to see. Things like the elevator hall are
: downright stupid. The storyline bits of this level, however, are very
: good. Yoss has some EXCELLENT writing skills. I also like the idea of
: being sent continually to this station everytime we fail to see what
: effect we had. Not such a fan of the "try again" bit, but again,
: that's just me. Overall, this level has great potential, and when I remake
: this one I'm going to spend a long time beforehand thinking about how to
: best use that potential.

I have mixed feelings about this level, one, I think the fact that it's so confusing is good, but once you have played it once, all of the variants are the some, but with monsters and such. I would like if these fail-dream levels were changed from chapter to chapter in some way.

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