Eternal Volunteers - Core Done Blew and Inti Omega
Posted By: Adam AshwellDate: 1/9/05 5:32 a.m.

After you complete Un-Wired you're sent to Core Done Blew to destroy Durandal's core. This map is very unique. It consists of a big, big area around Durandal's core, one half of which is significantly higher than the other. There are numerous elevators in this area, not to mention numerous enemies. The Pfhor are respawning on the higher half, but you'll still have to deal with a few hunters and invisible compilers on the lower half.

The flow of the map is as follows. You go up an elevator in the corner, jump down to a lower place, take the teleporter, flip a switch in there allowing you to get to the higher half. Go up there, face a huge horde of enemies, stop in by the terminal area to get some health and save your game, and head up the big tower thing. Flip either the left or right switch, and when you get back down go in that direction. Go back up the corner elevator, this time inside the first door you encounter, and run through the hall until you get to a little room with a window looking into a space between two doors. Flip switch, then run back and repeat with the other switch/side. Once you've done that, ride the elevator to the central...thing (in the lower half) and run up the stairs and get the chip. Return to the tower and put the chip in, then go back to the central thing and into the core. Here I prefer to use grenades - the platform annoys the hell out of me. People have complained about the invisible compilers coming in here, but I didn't have too much trouble with them - the bobs came in here and were able to keep my job compiler-free for quite a while.

Now to sum it up. This level is fun, but it gets irritating to run back and forth to the tower, especially with those elevators being non-player activated - doing that would really, really, really help this level. I didn't encounter many problems with monster regeneration, but others did, so I'll let them relate their experiences in this thread. The platform idea in the core is cool, but it's just too slow - I have to wait for a LONG time for it to get back down, and even when it does I have to get on it quickly or it starts going up again. All in all a good, fun level.

Now on to Inti Omega. I've never really liked this level. It's confusing, and it doesn't make up for that with anything really. There are too many areas to enter and not enough to see. Things like the elevator hall are downright stupid. The storyline bits of this level, however, are very good. Yoss has some EXCELLENT writing skills. I also like the idea of being sent continually to this station everytime we fail to see what effect we had. Not such a fan of the "try again" bit, but again, that's just me. Overall, this level has great potential, and when I remake this one I'm going to spend a long time beforehand thinking about how to best use that potential.

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Eternal Volunteers - Core Done Blew and Inti OmegaAdam Ashwell 1/9/05 5:32 a.m.
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