Eternal Volunteers - Deja Vu All Over Again
Posted By: Adam AshwellDate: 1/3/05 11:00 a.m.

So, welcome to the Eternal Mk V Volunteers series.

First we're presented with a chapter screen - the Marathon in orbit around Tau Ceti, and the Pfhor ship nearby.

We teleport in on the Marathon in a small hallway. We're initially facing a dead end (at the moment), an end of the waste dump canal. There's an odd switch that does nothing - a bit distracting. In the other direction is a large bay-like room, with what used to be a teleporter in the center. Originally, the room was filled to the brim with Pfhor and S'pht, and there were no stairs - one had to get to the other side via the teleporter in the bottom, and one couldn't return to the beginning until the end, although that is of little consequence as there's nothing much there anyway. But now the level is practically devoid of enemies, reflecting Forrest's decision to place the first level before the attack on the Marathon. Watch out for those BoBs, though - they don't seem to know who you are, and they're armed.

Jump down and head up the stairs on the other side of the room. There's a terminal, where our mission here is explained. Apparently we're supposed to turn on a generator somewhere in the vincinity, and we're being helped by a nice little AI named Hathor. There are two doors, both leading into the same hallway. Head inside and you'll be confronted with four more doors. One leads to a terminal and pattern buffer, but there's also a BoB in there. Fortunately he's no threat - none of them really are at all. The terminal in here is a rather interesting message from Robert Blake to someone. Odd - I thought Robert Blake was on the colony, not the Marathon.

Two more doors lead to dead ends, and one leads to a set of several big stairs (you can't climb back up). Go in the door to your left and shoot the BoB. Another BoB you can't see at the moment will activate. Should be simple to shoot him before he can do anything to you. In here we find a bed and a chair, oddly constructed out of metal (:-P). There's a terminal, a switch, and a handy 2x shield recharger. It's not needed on this level, but it's nice to have. The terminal is a message from Berhnard Strauss to Alpha team - not quite sure what they're doing, but apparently Durandal is resisting Strauss' controls. This is treated as a minor inconvenience, though. One would think that Durandal not obeying would be a big deal, but it's not treated as such. Strange.

Flip the switch and head down into the new dark area. There's something screwed up with the timing on the elevators, as you have to wait a bit often for them to align, allowing you to jump from one to the other. Jump (sidestepping) to the doors. For some reason they're two of them and both are opening and closing. Again, odd. Continue through the waste canal and veer off to the left as soon as possible. You can jump down from here into a hallway. One side is a dead end that will force you to go up the elevators again, but the other is the way to go. Jump down and you'll find yet another 2x health recharger. You really shouldn't need it, but again, nice to have. Continue down the hallway until you come to a door and a switch. Flip the switch and the door will open, giving you access to an already moving elevator - move quickly to get on it. When you get to the top, flip the switch on the left to open the door. Go down the hallway and flip the switch to open the next door. For some odd reason you must be moving continually into the door to get through, as it's a series of doors.

In here you'll find two BoBs. Shoot them both and punch the switch and the switch that will open up. The generator turns on, it seems, and we can progress. Jump down into the sewage pit and run along. An elevator will take you up after you hit a block. You'll find yourself back in the elevator room, with a new door open. Go in and enter the first door on your right. Kill the BoB, flip the switch, and make use of the pattern buffer and 2x recharger if you need to. Continue down the hall, entering the next door on your right. Shoot the BoB and wait for the BoB upstairs to come down. Shoot him - he comes on the left, I believe. Up there we find a garbage terminal, something I think Forrest forgot to get rid of when he decided to place the level before the attack. Regardless, flip the switch at the bottom and go out, using the door on your right. You'll find yourself back in the pit with the 2x recharger. Again, use it if you need to, and continue down the hall. This time, however, keep going past the elevator. Jump down into the hallway and keep going. You should see a BoB walking around on the other side. Shoot him and keep moving. The fastest way back after this is to go straight to the right as soon as you can. You can go right further on, but there's nothing there except a BoB. You'll get back to the dark area, and use the elevators to get back up to the crushing doors (I think they're crushing - haven't tried it out). Go back through the waste canal, but this time you'll see a locked door blocking your progress is now open. It leads back to the sewage thing at the beginning. Go back there and get back to that first terminal. You'll be teleported out from there to "Boiler Room."

So...I guess you all comment now.

By the way, how'd I do?

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