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Re: Slightly more (intelligent) Megg info.
Posted By: |RaptoR| <>Date: 3/30/03 10:08 p.m.

In Response To: Slightly more (intelligent) Megg info. (Corgana)

: After reading guy who doesn't post....too often's post regarding letting
: the Maw timer count down, not only was I positive that he had the right
: idea, I started to view him as a halo god.

: sadly, although I still see see godly-ness clearly, I'm pretty sure the idea
: isn't as right as I'd hoped

: I found you can "climb" on the "pillars" alongside the
: tunnel where the ramp is too steep to climb, (because they're on a slant,
: you can walk right up them) I let the timer count down to zero while I was
: standing at 777.7 and 777.0.

: ...neither worked.

: I also went to the 777.7 and 777.0 and 343.0 (you have to use the
: pillar-climbing technique to get here) marks after Foe Hammer goes down.
: nothing there either. I went to 343.0 there too, and nothing.

: I tried 077.7 77.0 and 007.0 (for this one you have to be under the
: longsword) and none of these worked either.

: ..I even tried 104.0 because I was fooling around and couldnt get to 77.7 in
: time.

: not that I think the idea is bad, or even wrong, I just thought I'd let y'all
: know about the locations he couldn't previously get to.

: He also (sort of) mentioned "Mathematics" can relate to the timer
: itself. ([x-1=x'] repeating is a simple countdown equation.) "births
: gore" makes sense considering it's a countdown to an explosion. and
: the "carnage before" could refer to the whole game.

: ..Then again, "Carnage before" can refer to almost anyhting

: Lastly, I know this has been asked before, but I've never seen an answer.
: could the distance be a number like Meg's birthday? or maybe some other
: significant number in her life?

: It seems the world may never know.

: **corg

Just was browsing Palls site, and at the bottom of the page (MX-3? bleh!! Camaro is the way to go!) you see this:

Enamoured with Bungie personnel and Halo designer Jaime Griesemer (Case/Flawless Cowboy).

So perhaps looking in flawless cowboy might be the place to start. Now I'm not an expert on who made what maps, but I guess that Jaime made flawless cowboy =P

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