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Re: MC the Monkey King?
Posted By: Arashi <>Date: 3/23/03 4:59 p.m.

In Response To: MC the Monkey King? (gspawn)

: The Battle Rifle is inscribed with what rumor says is the line "Monkey
: King".

: Maybe Bungie just gave away the plot to Halo2, right there on the Battle
: Rifle. The Monkey King was Part of the sory "the Journey West",
: potentially the greatest epic of Asian literature. It follows the Monkey
: King, a fairly average Joe Schmoe guy, who happens to be King of Monkeys,
: with his monkey tail (he did have one?) and superhuman strength (MC:
: Average guy, cybernetic parts, leader of the SPARTANs). Monkey King
: traveled the land, and was troubled by all the corruption in the land. So,
: he sought out those who were corrupting the people. Ultimately, he decided
: it was the gods themselves who had to be destroyed to save the people.
: (Covenant: "You destruction is the will of the gods").

: So Monkey King traveled the land, eliminating corruption wherever it
: confronted him, until one day he traveled to see the God of the Sea to get
: the ultimate weapon. Monkey King eventually, I think, killed the God of
: the sea and took a staff, the heaviest and greatest weapon that had ever
: been constructed. (Only the Reclaimer may handle the Index), and proceeded
: to use that staff to destroy the gods, in order to free the people.
: (Cortana never did release the Index, you know. She still has it.)

: Monkey King also never sought out conflict. He only pummeled the Gods as he
: saw was necessary in order to achieve good in the world. Note that MC
: doesn't seek out conflict, his training ensures he only follows orders as
: necessary to achieve his directives.

: So in Halo2, does MC fight the Covenant only to find a higher problem? Do the
: Gods need to be punished in order to end the battlecries of the Covenant?
: Perhaps, in the end, destroying the Covenant homeworld isn't enough. There
: are too many races, too many other worlds. Maybe the only way to get the
: Covies to stop is to confront the Gods (Forerunners? Or maybe whatever the
: Prophets commune with? the thing the Covenent refer to as "the
: gods").

: Regardless, this reference to the Monkey King makes one thing absolutely
: certain: the destruction of the Covenant, the ending of this conflict,
: will rest solely on Master Chief. There will be no players in the shadows,
: there will be no greater resolution caused by a defunct AI, there will be
: no "MC! We have to escape before (event X) happens!". In the
: end, it will be Master Chief alone who can end this. Lock and load,
: people. Lock and load.

Oooh, very very nice, I like the sound of that. Perhaps meet your great great great ... great great grandfather or something. Assuming the Forerunner are alive :p

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