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General Statement to the Forum
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 3/7/03 9:13 a.m.

This is a note to make something clear which a lot of you seem to have missed:

Recently, when I left on vacation, I gave admin privs for this forum to a number of folks.

Since that point, the number of deleted posts has increased dramatically (as in, half an order of magnitude higher than it's been for almost 4 years). Part of that is because not all of the new admins share my 'nearly total hands-off approach'... but another part (possibly a larger one) is that for the first time in four years, the level of totally worthless posting (the sort of posting that chases away folks who actually have something to offer) has jumped to a level where it actually threatens the viability of this board.

Folks have been asked, over and over, to try and limit their off-topic posting. These requests have had little effect - and in fact, it's gotten so bad that I just deleted a 20-post thread from a few of the most vocal anti-spam visitors arguing about whether they should argue.

Gimme a friggin' break. :(

Some numbers for you:

Pre-MS forum archive:
Highest post number: 33297
Number of posts in archive: 31343
Post numbers eaten by previews: 1944
Deleted posts: 10
Percentage of posts deleted: 0.032%

Pre-E32K1 archive:
Highest post number: 56374
Number of posts in archive: 22091
Post numbers eaten by previews: 940
Deleted posts: 46
(Forum was switched to a new version of WebBBS here that stopped eating post
numbers for previews)
Percentage of posts deleted: 0.21%

Pre-launch archive:
Highest post number: 78469
Number of posts in archive: 22043
Deleted posts: 52
Percentage of posts deleted: 0.24%

pre-eu launch archive:
Highest post number: 99266
Number of posts in archive: 20619
Deleted posts: 178
Percentage of posts deleted: 0.86%

pre-halo2 ann archive:
Highest post number: 131486
Number of posts in archive: 31466
Deleted posts: 754
(The Jason Horwath Incident occurred in May, 2002)
Percentage of posts deleted: 2.4%

pre-xbl archive:
Highest post number: 161572
Number of posts in archive: 29889
Deleted posts: 197
Percentage of posts deleted: 0.66%

Current forum, through February 15, 2003:
Highest post number: 196445
Number of posts in archive: 34605
Deleted posts: 269
Percentage of posts deleted: 0.78%

Since February 15, 2003:
Lowest post number:206401
Number of posts in date range: 9698
Deleted posts: 257
Percentage of posts deleted: 2.7%

There has been a higher rate of deletion in the past three weeks than in any time in this board's history, with the exception of the JH Incident. (If you didn't live through it, be happy and let it go. If you did, don't bring up bad memories.) Can you guys please, please, please get the message and try to limit the amount of negative stuff you post?

If you see a thread that is just a total waste of time, ignore it. An admin will make it go away if it's truly useless. If you add to it, you simply make the problem bigger.

(In the old days, I'd delete a single post; usually, that got the message across. When it didn't, I'd send a private email to the offender. That always got the message across. The forum didn't have to suffer for the actions of a few, and the number of deleted posts was minimal.)

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