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Another Checkpoint Delay Method? *Long*
Posted By: xbillDate: 3/3/03 2:51 p.m.

Here's possibly the ultimate trickster tool for AoTCR (and other levels)

We know about techniques for delaying or even skipping checkpoints.

Tossing a grenade: ( by FrogBlast. Toss a grenade prior to crossing a checkpoint.

The perhaps less well-known jumping method. Keep jumping while crossing a checkpoint, no grenades needed.

The advantage to delaying a checkpoint is that you can set yourself up in an optimal position/place for a checkpoint.

Now, this one may not be new, but I've searched the forum and have not found it yet.

Continuously firing the Banshee's plasma blasters across a checkpoint will delay it indefinitely, or until you want the checkpoint. I've found that it works amazingly well and it also works, to a degree, with the Ghost's blasters.

This means you can place yourself virtually anywhere you want for a checkpoint: On top of the tower, in mid air, on a ledge, etc. It even works across loadpoints!

This is awesome for single player tricks, and in general, better game play. It works equally well in co-op. You can even transfer the delay to the other player if you both have Banshees/Ghosts.

There are some limitations (of course.) This trick tool needs a Banshee, or a Ghost. (No, I haven't completely tested the Scorpion, or the Warthog's LAAG with this yet. It may be possible to use other vehicles/weapons for this.)
Some areas inside structures may be impossible to checkpoint to in single player. Bumping into walls, bridges, the ground, or other objects can sometimes cause the checkpoint to trigger. The Ghost is extremely susceptible to ground-based obstacles and scraping, which can slow, or stop the Ghost, often causing an unwanted checkpoint trigger.

You will need to find a suitable checkpoint. Ideally, you'll want one that is location based and is retriggerable, like the ones in the underground tunnel. It should also work for other checkpoints as long as you can predict them, and start firing before they are about to trigger.

Here's how it works:

Get a Banshee and fly into the underground tunnel.

If you're flying from the first canyon toward the far end where the tower and high twin bridges are, the checkpoint is normally directly in the middle of the first long section of the tunnel with two ramped sections on the floor.
You'll enter the tunnel and turn left, through the huge doorway, then turn right. That section that follows has the checkpoint in the middle, between the two ramps on the floor.

If you are flying from the other direction toward the first canyon, right after you fly through the underground area where the deep pit is, you'll turn left and immediately hit a checkpoint.
Start firing the Banshee's blasters just before you reach the checkpoint. It's possible to make a U-turn but avoid bumping into the walls too much, or the checkpoint may trigger.

Fly to the location you want to delay the checkpoint to, then stop firing, or press X to exit the Banshee, if you're near the ground, or something safe to land on. The checkpoint will trigger after you stop firing.

Think about the possibilities: Let's say you want to launch a Warthog somewhere, the high twin bridges at the far end of the canyon, for example. Set up the trick normally with a grenade pile.

Unfortunately, if you're in single player mode, you'll still need to make some long trips for intermediate checkpoints to save your grenade pile as you build it. However, once the trick is set up, you can try the Warthog launch over and over, until you get it right. Other possibilities are for co-op mode tricks where you need both players and don't want to leave one player near the checkpoint.

I'm thinking it may be possible to move through structures in co-op mode using the checkpoint delay transfer.

Move a Ghost across a loadpoint so it's on the far side of the loadpoint, but don't trigger it. Next, Player 1 flies a Banshee across a checkpoint while firing. Player 2 moves into a hallway near the loadpoint riding another Ghost. As Player 1 approaches the hall where Player 2 is, Player 2 begins firing the Ghost's blasters while Player 1 lands the Banshee. Player 2 moves across the loadpoint while firing, warping Player 1 across.

Player 1 jumps into the empty Ghost. Players move through the structure, firing continuously and continue out the other side, if desired, using a similar warp sequence. This theory may have snags, and needs
testing, of course.

I've used it for all kinds of exploring and trick trying. Most recently, I used it for SpawnVision™. I went through the level, section at a time, watching things up close as they spawn. I'm pretty sure that's been done before. Just to see what happened, I stuck a grenade on a few Wraith pilots before they climbed in.

Well, I hope this is useful for gamers, explorers, and tricksters. It might be usable on Two Betrayals as well.

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Another Checkpoint Delay Method? *Long*xbill 3/3/03 2:51 p.m.
     Kick Ass. :) *NM*Louis Wu 3/3/03 3:38 p.m.

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