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Re: Do AIs lie?
Posted By: Ciarán <>Date: 3/3/03 6:35 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Do AIs lie? (stealth)

: When you say the MC has seen the symbols before, is this the actual co-ords
: of halo? Or does she change them to the halo co-ords? Does he recognise
: them because he has already been to halo before (the last time it was
: activated)?
: I havent read the books so i dunno :)

: Cheers!

MC saw symbols from a crystal in an asteroid that landed on Sigma Octanus, which the Covenant attempted to recover, and they were partially successful. They seemed to be decoding the information in the asteroid and transmitting it to a ship in orbit. MC helped recover the asteroid, and it was later analysed by the humans. I am assuming that when he comments that the symbols he sees that represent Cortana's initial random coordinates look familiar, that's because they are similar to those from the asteroid. Cortana then notices the similarity, and changes the coordinates to match the information from the asteroid, and then they end up at Halo.

Check out "Halo: The Fall of Reach" for the full lowdown.


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