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Re: Do AIs lie?
Posted By: stealth <>Date: 3/1/03 10:09 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Do AIs lie? (Ciarán)

: Well, based on my e-book version of FoR, she does generate random coordinates
: first, but then MC says that he thinks he's seen the symbols before, then
: "Cortana got a far off look in her eyes. The marks cycling on her
: hologram shifted and rearranged".

: I take this to mean that Cortana's original random choice wasn't far off what
: was on the rocks, and MC's comments caused Cortana to change the coords to
: the ones from the rocks. Now she didn't lie (originally), it's just that
: she didn't say that she had changed things afterwards.

: Now, the e-book version doesn't have the very last bit of the book apparently
: (when the arrive at Halo), so I could be wrong about this.

: Ciarán.

When you say the MC has seen the symbols before, is this the actual co-ords of halo? Or does she change them to the halo co-ords? Does he recognise them because he has already been to halo before (the last time it was activated)?
I havent read the books so i dunno :)


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