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Update from *Ar-Isildur Memorial/Lan Party
Posted By: guy who doesn't post....too often <>Date: 2/22/03 11:53 p.m.

Just got back from Brian Morden's house where his parents were so gracious to host a HUUUUUUGE Lan Party in memory of Brian.

The Memorial service started at 5:00 p.m., with absolutely wonderful speeches from Brian's best friend Brian Johnson, and his father, Fred. Miguel Chavez, Frogblast and Count Zero all took turns reading some of the more eloquent posts from this forum when the news of Brian's passing was made known to us by his younger brother, *Ar-Anarion (Jamin). Miguel told the audience about Brian's patented <3 sig and finished his eulogy by exposing his undershirt with that same love symbol in a superman like outline. The crowd loved it. Brian's best friend and his younger brother played their respective brass instruments (slide-trombone and french horn) for the congregation before and after the service and their accompaniment afterwards gave us a truly WOWing performance worthy of a King. I have never been so close to crying as many times as I was during Brian's father's speech, his resolve to fight onward with the battle against adolescent bone cancers is admirable beyond words. Brian's mother has an undying love for her son that seems to only have been strengthened by his passing. I can only hope that if such a malady struck me, my family could be as loving and supportive as Brian's.

Now for some more fun news.....The Lan-party was pure mayhem. We had about 22 players with ages ranging from 8 to however old Miguel is ;). We luckily had four xboxes and three tvs. The coolest part of the night had to be seeing Miguel's projection TV in all it's glory. My quarter of the screen was about the same size as the 32inch television next to the wall we used as our screen. I have never felt so glorious. With everything from CTF to KOTH to an all rockets frag-fest in damnation, the night was filled with screams and howls from all parties, whether playing or spectating. At one point we all got together to make a special picture in memory of *Ar and Miguel will hopefully post it shortly.

Getting to meet Miguel and Frogblast(who played the whole night as "DogCast" :) )
and count zero(mark levin) was a wonderful experience. Now i can put names with faces and personalities with them both. I will remember this night for its' sadness and tragedy, and for its fun and fellowship. Brian, we will miss you always and thank you for letting us have a little of your sunshine :)
<3 forever

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