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Re: I think we would all like to know Matt...
Posted By: Matt <>Date: 2/3/03 9:15 p.m.

In Response To: I think we would all like to know Matt... (dolbex)

: Were some of these things planned for the game and then dropped
: when time became a bit of a factor?

Yes, time and other factors. Nothing new there.

: Do you see this as a good thing for the game?

The best thing for the game is for people to play it and have fun, and it's entirely possible to do that without modding your Xbox. The game itself shipped more or less as we wished it to ship. There are things that didn't make it in, but there's nothing in there that works perfectly and meets all our standards but was capriciously turned off and hidden away for no good reason.

If you buy the special-edition DVD of your favorite movie and it comes with a bunch of deleted scenes, you can find a lot of interesting and entertaining stuff in those scenes - but they weren't in the finished film for a reason, and the qualities of the original film are not diminished either by their absence or their sudden appearance as a bonus feature on the DVD.


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