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I guess i'll make a statement...
Posted By: Dozi <>Date: 2/3/03 7:48 p.m.

In Response To: So many elements left out... here are a few (dolbex)

: I would have loved to see him bump the Flood with no arms at the beginning of
: Keyes! What could you do then? Also... after all that time spent on
: downing ships.. can you man one? What about Grunts with the Fual Rod
: Cannon? What about the Pelican... can you man that... cut scene fun? Can
: you alter cut scenes by walking in with an elite instead of MC? (I picture
: a grunt puching Flood Keyes' Face!)

: Anyway Just my thoughts

These are all good ideas and i have tried them all. You CAN bump Captain Keyes. when you do, he can only walk slowly (this is at the beginning of PoA). he walks with his hands behind his back and all i can do is walk. I have not been successful in piloting a Pelican, the closest i got was on Halo, right where you saw me destroying everything. I bumped into a technician dude (the little geeks with pistols) and hopped onto the Pelican. It took off and flew behind some mountains, then the engines just suddenly cut off. The Pelican went into a freefall, when it kicked me out, i immediately saw "Press X to flip Pelican". At that moment i almost pissed my pants. I thought i would get to pilot this bird!! Well, this was not the case, once the Pelican hit the floor, i DID manage to flip it over, but could not get a "Press X to enter the Pelican" to save my life! Oh well, i tried it with a Marine and the technician, same problem. I have also tried to pilot the covenant dropship by attempting to re-enter it with a grunt and repeat the same procedure as the Pelican. This did not work either, in fact, I couldnt even enter the Covenant Dropship.

Moving on..
"What about Grunts with the Fual Rod Cannon?"

Yes, this is possible and it shows up exactly like a Hunter. you just hold down the trigger to fire away, pretty cool.

"Can you alter cut scenes by walking in with an elite instead of MC?"

No, even when you enter a cutscene with an Alien of some sort it switches back to MC. also, there is a bug that does NOT allow you go through Load Zones as anyone except MC. The game itself doesnt lock up, YOU do. A simple "revert to saved" will remedy this.

"Can you become 343 Guilty Spark? Maybe you'll be able to float around (good for camera angles and other nice shots I guess)...."

No... but you can shoot his ass down. One shot and he hits the ground hard... but he still manages to move (kinda slides around on the ground)

": i just thought of something hilaroius!!! imagine a grunt driving a hog or
: scorpion! i'd piss myself laughing! "

This is NOT possible. It seems Bungie has made the vehicles so that only certain types of beings can pilot certain vehicles. For instance, NO Covenant or Flood can drive ANY of the Human vehicles. Marines can ONLY pilot the Warthog and the ghost (havent check scorpion but will). As we know, MC can drive everything except the Wraith (and Pelican which seems to be impossible anyway). Grunts and Jackals cant pilot anything at all. Elites can pilot all of the covenant vehicles.

"I'd like to see him first person with the Energy Sword his hands "

I have done this with both the normal elite and the invisible one (which is awesome i might add, adds for one helluva surprise on the marines). The sword is NOT visible and you can NOT control the swing. Bungie has it scripted so that if an enemy (which would be a Marine id you are controlling the elite) gets too close, the super-melee-one-hit-kill-swing-of-death kicks in automatically.

"Or what about a sentinel?"

YES!! This IS POSSIBLE!! very tricky, but works. you can even shoot the laser!! Once you get him, you can pretty much fly wherever you want, however, the laser isnt very powerful. This may have been because i was playing on legendary when i did it and the enemies were so powerful.

Welp, this kinda wraps it up for now (hope your not to bored). Also, I'd like to make a statement too all of the "cheats Suck, DIE DOZI DIE" people. Well, here's the thing. The cheats were going to get done sooner or later, Modders NEVER rest. the Homebrew development scene is the best thing since Integrated Circuits. Now, i'm NOT one that normally cheats, but i mean come ON!! This is Halo!! the GREATEST game EVER MADE! And these hacks make it all the more fun, its a whole new era of gameplay. I still respect all of you out there that dont want to play with cheats, shoot... i still dont WANT to play with cheats (this is why I'm greatful that it doesnt work on XBconnect) Anyways, rock on folks, hope you enjoyed the movie (sorry for the humming, that was my 8 year old VCR). Cya.


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