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Re: Bridge Trick
Posted By: Wraith7n <>Date: 12/19/02 10:53 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Bridge Trick (Major Tom)

: If you use the two player method it is possible. I have made the jump off of
: that first bridge before and even done it in time to catch a lift from
: foehammer who crashes just around the corner after she drops off the
: warthog and the marines. it's kinda weird to see two pelicans right next
: to eachother that are both foehammer, or echo 119 or wichever pelican it
: is... I think it's foehammer but I'm not sure. ANYWAY! the door at the end
: of the level is indeed locked and there is no known way of getting through
: it. this is the down side of jumping off the first bridge. There are
: indeed no enemys the rest of the level though. all the vehicles are there
: though. I think that's how some guy captured all the vehicles in that
: level without damadging them... although I could be wrong.

: -Major Tom

No there is a single player way where you just jump off the right side (as you come out the door) and then from there you can jump off the wall at just the right spot and land on the ledge and then jump down. You end up with one red health point left. I think frogblast made a movie of it. I do it a lot, it's pretty fun.

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