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Re: Halo and StarHammer
Posted By: Hedgemony <>Date: 11/29/02 9:49 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Halo and StarHammer (Wado SG)

: I was thinking the same thing. Halo doesn't kill the Flood, it kills their
: food, or whatever it is that Cortana says. What if Halo kills the food but
: then the Forerunners still needed to go from planet to planet destroying
: the Flood? Maybe that's what started the whole glassing planets ritual
: that the Covenant do -- it's an old ritual passed down from Forerunner
: scriptures.

: What does that make the Flood then if they aren't killed by Halo but every
: other organic creature of sufficient bio-mass to be a host for the Flood
: is killed by Halo? Sorry I worded this so badly, it's been a long day.

It makes them almost sound like an innocent in the whole thing. Perhaps my theory about them just wanting to get back to a homeworld where they could be free again is not so farfetched after all. It would exlain two ideas, the need for the flood to escape from Halo after being imprisoned for so long, and maybe the covies were scared that the flood would avenge all those imprisoned once set free.

It would be an interesting twist if we had to befriend the flood, make peace with them in order for them to stop the possibility of infecting Earth. Strange ally they could make, hmmm...

I'm sure with the ONI cloning program in effect, they could whip up some host bodies for them. Maybe some cows, yeah clone cows to satisfy them.


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