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Re: Halo and StarHammer
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 11/29/02 4:56 p.m.

In Response To: Halo and StarHammer (Ryan Parsons)

: A question asked on the Halo Story page got me wondering, and I think I've
: found the connection between StarHammer and Halo. For those of you who
: have not read StarHammer, here is what it is about. Humans have been
: enslaved by an alien race and are allowed to carry on their lives, but in
: a very limited fashion. The Human resistance is seeking a weapon called
: the StarHammer to overthrow their alien overlords. Okay, onto the
: connection. The StarHammmer is a weapon of unimaginable power. It blows up
: stars, there by destroying planets, and it only needs a cubed kilometer of
: material to do it. And here follows the connection: Every race reaches a
: level where the only way to go is out, to expand, to find other planets
: and galaxies in which to gather resources to supply the endless appetite
: of it's peoples. Imagine this; Forerunner ships reach the Milky Way. They
: have traveled hundreds of light years, and find a few blooming races that
: pose no threat as of yet, but do resist the initial attacks. So, they
: design a few devices to keep these races at bay until reinforcements
: arrive. These devices? Fortress worlds. Worlds that have the power to
: completely eradicate the galaxy of all sentient life. Or, if destroyed,
: release the flood. Either way, everything in this galaxy is in trouble.
: This is the common link that Starhammer and Halo have. Both have a weapon
: of enormous power that contains an adaptive super-parasite. In Halo, these
: weapons were structures hidden in out of the way solar systems. In
: Starhammer, these weapons were gigantic crawling machines hidden in the
: bottom of oceans in out of the way solar systems. Also, both weapons had
: an AI guardian bound by strict rules (343 Guilty Spark and the Keeper) who
: were tasked with keeping the virus contained within the structure.

Whoa - you're a tad confused. The Starhammer was designed to DESTROY the Vang (the 'adaptive super-parasite'), not contain it. The only reason there were unkilled Vang inside the crawler with the Keeper is because the Keeper was designed to require a direct order from the Batrachians to function - and they were all dead. As soon as the keeper determined that a human was sufficiently close to its Batrachian creators as to be listenable to, it went out and destroyed the remaining Vang.

The Laowon had nothing whatsoever to do with the Vang; they came millions of years later.

: This brings me to my new theory on Halo and the flood. The flood was
: deliberately placed on the Halo, not for resarch or anything like that.
: The flood was the safety device on the Halo. You can't blow up Halo,
: because it will release the flood which will kill you. So there is the
: perfect weapon. It can sit there forever, waiting to be used. You can't
: disable it or you have basically accomplished what the Halo would have
: done, only in a more painful method.

Hmm... that didn't work, did it? MC blew up the Halo, and killed all the remaining Flood. Oops...

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