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The Halo 2 Trailer
Posted By: mnemesis <>Date: 8/31/02 12:34 a.m.

...was shown at the HNC finals today. :-)

And just to show some people that I'm still on the HBO team, I figured I'd post a little report.

You've seen the screenshots and the desktops, so you know already what the basic look of the trailer is. (If you haven't, go now) It cuts between computer text displays and the Chief. The displays list the various tasks we performed in the first Halo (beat the Covenant, thwart 343's plans, destroy the Flood, each followed by a "...Completed.") and end with the text: "Save the Earth from destruction... In Progress", while the Chief is shown moving through a human ship, riding an elevator, getting an AR from a weapons locker, opening an airlock while bracing himself behind a pillar, then jumping from behind the pillar and being sucked out into space. The Earth is shown both directly and in the background, and I can say for sure that Earth is definitely being "glassed." Huge shockwaves repeatedly burst on the surface. Aside from the lighting, which has been drooled over already, there is a depth-of-field focus element to the game that looks absolutely awesome. It could do well in the playable part of the game, but it will be positively beautiful in the cutscenes. What happens after the Chief leaps into space? He recedes from the camera towards Earth, one Covenant ship passing far below and off to the side. He doesn't seem to be heading toward it, but a much closer ships moves into view from below and it seems pretty likely that that ship is our first destination. :-)

I really can't do it justice, but suffice it to say that it was awesome!


p.s. Look for a write-up of the rest of the day's festivities over on in a day or so. Sorry, Claude! ;-)

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