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Longest, Prisoner, and Chill Out Times and Theory
Posted By: dolbex <>Date: 8/22/02 11:07 p.m.

Here are the times for Prisoner and Longest:


Pistol: 30 Sec
Shot Gun: 30 Sec
Plasma Rifle: 30 Sec
Assault Rifle: 1 minute
Plasma Granades: 3:00 minutes
Fragmentation Granades: 30 Sec
Health: 30 Sec
Overshield: 1 minute
Active Camo: 1 minute


Sniper Rifle: 30 Sec
Rocket Launcher: 2 minutes
Plasma Rifle: 30 Sec
Assault Rifle: 30 Sec
Fragmentation Granades: 30 Sec
Plasma Granades: 3 minutes
Active Camo: 1 Minute
Overshiled: 1 Minute

Chill Out

Pistol: 30 Sec
Plasma Rifle: 30 Sec
Assault Rifle: 30 Sec
Rocket Laucncher: 2 Minutes
Needler: 30 Sec
Shotgun: 30 Sec
Sniper Rifle: 1 Minute
Overshield: 1 Minute
Active Camo: 2 Minutes

In addition I dont know if its been added to the "Time" page or not, but it really needs to be. All the times discovered on all the boards work on a "cycle". By cycle we mean when you start a game a clock starts to tick (it actually reads the clock on the xbox and is a specific time). Every 30 seconds a "cycle is completed and the weapons that respawn in 30 seconds will appear. Another cycle is complete after a minute of the game is in progress. This is why the 30 second weapons sometimes appear immediately after you grab them during a game. This is because you grabed the weapon right before the cycle ended. (Its actually a counting loop counting down... and the counter is ticked off right after you grab the weapon - 30 sec weapons have a value of 1 - 1 minute weapons have a value of 2 - and so on)

The reason this is important is b/c the times posted by everyone is the LONGEST the weapon will take to respawn not the definite time. If you subtract 29 seconds from the respawn time you will find the shortest amount of time that it will come back... for example the sniper on Blood Gulch will take at least a minute and 31 seconds and up to 2 minutes to respawn.

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Longest, Prisoner, and Chill Out Times and Theorydolbex 8/22/02 11:07 p.m.
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     Re: Longest, Prisoner, and Chill Out Times and TheNthDegree256 8/23/02 1:11 a.m.
           Damn! Just when you think your sounding smart! :) *NM*dolbex 8/23/02 8:18 a.m.

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