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Senior Prom *long, waaaay OT*
Posted By: *Ar-Isildur of *WP* <>Date: 6/2/02 1:35 a.m.

Our high school held our senior prom on May 31 .. that's about a day or two ago. Since I am a senior, I felt obligated to stop my usual activities for a little bit ... playing halo, browsing this forum, and working on psyjnir ... to find a female companion and attend this event.

Note: If you have any objections to long forum posts and pictures of beautiful women with ugly men .. please do not procede.


Here I am at my home in luxurious Altoona, Pennsylvania ... decked out in my nice tux and about to leave to pick up my date, Melissa.

Here's my senior prom date, Melissa, at her house. We both played in the high school orchestra, and have known each other since junior high (she is a year younger than I).

Here's a picture of us together.

The plan was to take pictures at her house, then meet SilverBrin and his date at the local park for some more pictures.

Here's a picture of SilverBrin and his date (Nikki), at Tocahoe Park:

(SilverBrin is on the right, btw)

Here is a picture of the four of us together, under the gazebo

From there, as per prior arrangement, we headed out to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner with a bunch of our friends. Here's a picture of the gang:

Left to right: Ian aka Tutdeps (louis and/or miguel may recognize him), Crissy, Melissa, Me, Julie, Rob, Nikki, SilverBrin

After our meal (ruby tuesday's has great steak, btw) it was time to head to the prom. Lots of dancing. I was there for all (or most) of the slow dances, but only for some of the fast dances. Dancing fast, afterall, requires effort. :(

I took a few pictures, but only one of them turned out decently:

The prom lasted until a little after 11pm. I took Melissa home to get changed for the Afterglo, and went home to get changed myself. I picked her up again, and it was about midnight when we finally arrived at Lakemont Park.

For the ensuing four hours, there was a lot of running around on amusement park rides, an auction of various gift certificates and such, and even a brief excursion into a video game arcade.

Here we have a heated game of air hockey between Pat (a friend, to the left), and SilverBrin (right).

The game was extremely close. SilverBrin took an early lead, but then Pat came back to win the game by a single point.

Below is a picture just seconds after Pat makes the winning score. SilverBrin was a very good sport about it, fortunately:

It's now almost 4am, and Melissa tells me that she is going to go with a bunch of her friends and stay at a friend's house. At this point, I'm very tired, and see this as one less person I have to take home (I have to take both SilverBrin and Nikki home, because neither have their senior license and are thus under curfew). However, before we can go home, the two passengers want to meet some friends at Kings (restaurant) for some breakfast. Did I mention I was really tired? Ok, because it has to do with what happens next.

We start driving home, and get about 300 yards when I realize that I've taken a wrong turn, and my headlights are not on. I quickly amend the headlights issue, and continue driving. Did I mention I took a wrong turn and am very tired? The three of us laugh about taking the wrong turn, but continue on our merry way in the wrong direction.

10 miles later, I suddenly realize that we have been driving 10 miles in the wrong direction ... and I have no clue where I am. Please note, Lakemont Park is about 5 miles from my house, and I'm hopelessly lost. I then stumble upon the brilliant idea to turn around and go back the way I came .. only this time I would go the RIGHT way. hehe i was so proud of myself at the time. :)

Anyway, by the time I arrive at Kings, eat, drop both SilverBrin and Nikki off at their houses, and get home .. it's 5:45am. I'm really tired and I go to bed.

It was a great time, and I won't soon forget it.

Thanks for reading!


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