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Re: Okay, know I have to make an official report.
Posted By: Pulse <>Date: 5/26/02 11:45 p.m.

In Response To: Okay, know I have to make an official report. (vector40)

Yay for the Fanfest!

All of the teams there were actually disgustingly good.

Wolfpack was organized beyond belief (not to mention they had like 15 people there).

I hadn't played against anyone good in 6 months until the night of the Fanfest, hence a 5th place finish in the uber-long 16 person jack-around-after-prelims game and last (8th) in the finals.

But everyone there was so uber I didn't feel bad being last place in the final match (after all, the final match is the best of the best).

Anyway, our trophy rocks. I'm very happy that I went to the event and skipped a few hours of E3.

Thanks a ton for putting on the event!

EverQuest II: The Age of Destiny

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