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Okay, know I have to make an official report.
Posted By: vector40 <>Date: 5/25/02 7:57 p.m.

In Response To: Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest (deanero)

Very well then.

So I get there at 2:00, or a bit before. A bunch of Bungie-philes are lounging around the lobby outside the conference room, representatives of their respective Seventh Column chapters. Bungie is inside, making some things ready, and being a tad on the late side in their usual "Soon™" manner.

I make the acquaintance of the rest of my bunch, the Marty Army — including dean, mnemesis, Miguel, and others.

Side note: if anybody has delusions that they want to eventually challenge Miguel for his title of #1 Bungie Fan, they have a long way to go. Among other things, he actually shaved the back of his head in the Seventh Column logo. No, I'm not kidding.

At last, they released us to enter, and we made our way in. It was a nice room, with no less than eight Xboxes, all with accompanying sound systems and massive projectors, which were kick-ass. Even with four people to a screen, everyone had a quadrant twice the size of an ordinary (large) television :) A couple representatives from eCompanyStore were in the back with a counter full of Halo goodies, all selling at a perversely low discount. Yes, the soundtrack was there. I made off with one, plus a Bungie shirt, plus a new Halo shirt (which they were giving away).

So we kicked around a little, and I meet Skeletor, FrogBlast, and some others. I tried to shake Froggie's hand, but him being twelve feet tall and all, it was a little hard. Plus, he wouldn't put down the lightning bolts. Bummer.

I also got to finally meet Louis Wu, who is actually obscenely cool for a shell script.

The tournament kicked off, minus two things: one of the competing teams, which happened to be our opponent for the first round (and which, in addition, happened to be my old chapter, the Bay Area Halo Playing Group, from which I had bailed to join the Marty Army :) ), and also minus our leader Marty. Fortunately, his absence was not too detrimental, as due to the BAHPG's nonexistence, we received a bye for the first match.

The second match (Yeroen and Achronos were stumped for a bit on how to arrange the ladder with one missing team, but with their unbelievable mathematical abilities, they toughed it out), we played the Wolfpack, who was just disgusting good, and worthy of the name. It was an absurdly close match, but they won.

The arrangement being double-elimination, we next proceeded to combat... uh, some other guys from Colorado, whose name I can't recall. They also being disgustingly good, we lost once more — again, very close.

So we were out. We moaned, we wept, we tore our hair, and for the most part, we blamed Marty for hanging us out to dry.

Anyway, Colorado and the Wolfpack were delayed to play their championship match at 7:00, when the Fanfest would start; in the meantime, the rest of us relapsed into a godly Halo orgy.

All the while, more and more Bungie-lords were arriving; in addition to the starting pool of Matt, Dave, Tom, Peter, and Max, we were graced with the charming presence of Tyson Greene, Jason Jones, Jaime Griesemer, Chucky Gough, and some others whom I can't seem to recall.

We broke for dinner, or lunch, or something, at about six. By that time, I was practically in tears over Chucky; that man is so good he could make angels weep. We ordered pizza and camped out in Miguel's room, since the hotel, for whatever reason (actually, I can guess the reason) didn't want us to eat in the conference room.

We headed back, had another couple of games, and then started letting people from the mob outside in for the actual Fanfest.

Jon Kimmich also materialized around this time.

Matt did a keynote, looking almost exactly like a Steve Jobs-wannabe at a press briefing, and showed us the video dean mentioned. Also, Miguel had his awe-inspiring DVD of killer Halo films, of which we watched a few. You haven't lived until you've seen Halo: The Movie on a big-screen projector in DV quality, and you haven't died until you've seen "How I Learned to Stop Playing and Love the Halo" on the same.

At last, the final two teams played their match; and despite the fact that the Wolfpack was heretofore undefeated (including having spanked Colorado in a previous match), they somehow slipped, and were taken. Colorado got the trophy, an awesome tool of metal and crystal, featuring the Seventh Column lightning bolt sculpted in glorious real-to-life scale (at least, I assume so.)

I would like to remind everyone that the two teams whom we lost to were also the two that later proceeded to fight for the championship. Thus we do not entirely suck. Thank you.

Anyway, we broke, and dissolved into general carnage. At some point, by 8:00 or something, Marty actually showed up, and received our ridicule with good nature.

Psyrixx was there, and I think he fainted when Marty arrived.

Oh, and Team 7hr33 was in attendance — both of them. Yes, they're good. Them, Louis, and I formed a quick pick-up team and duked it out with the Marty Army — victory. Maybe that should have been the lineup for the tournament.

And yes, dean speaks the truth — once Marty got there, we ALL suddenly became unexpectedly l33t. So l33t that we took on the Bungie lords whom are previously mentioned, and either won, or lost by a very close margin, every game that we played.

Actually, none of us were particularly good yesterday, me especially; just poor luck, I suppose. With that, plus Marty's slacking, plus the fact that the other teams were actually damned good, our odds of taking the night weren't too high :)

Anyway, I was a smidge sick yesterday, and my throat got somewhat hoarse after all my screaming of "DEAD! DEAD! DINK! DEAD! — ARGH, ROCKETS!", AND I'm dead tired after my flight back, so I think I'll now retire... but look out, everybody, for those movies — they're good stuff.

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