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Re: Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest
Posted By: SilverBrin****Date: 5/25/02 4:04 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest (PCDestroyer)

Yeah I know Bungie rarely issued release dates, but I wondered if Microsoft would make them a more regimented company. Is this Halo Pc/mac online souly up to bungie, or is microsoft influencing when theis will be released in conjunction with their other titles? The one interview with the Pr manager for microsoft made it sound like microsoft was releasing their numerous hits in a strategic order as to maximize $$$. This made it look like there was no room (in Microsoft's plans)for Halo Pc in the future. However manager said that when they went through with it, that it would be much more than a port. They would use all of the Pc's strengths... that made me feel better.

As for Phoenix, I have no clue why they have not released any information. When Ar and I saw Phoenix it was very ::tries to not violate NDA:: kewl!


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