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Re: Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest
Posted By: PCDestroyer <>Date: 5/25/02 3:26 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest (Tursas)


I'm very disheartened by the lack of info on anything Halo, Phoenix or Bungie related... and would not go to the FanFest unless it were for the tournament... sorry, but there wasn't any new info there really. I thought Bungie said they were going to say at least something about something... or anything.
Sorry... that's just my view of it, and I am still a Bungie fan... just, burned a lil bit by the lack of info.


Bungie gave up release dates I think with the 2nd game in the Myth Series... Myth II: Soulblighter.

The reason? Well, Myth: TFL came out late, and they had said "October" or "November" (the exact month escapes me), but they were not able to deliver on the date promised...

So for the next Myth they said "about" when it would come out... and it didn't hit that mark... so they moved to the system everyone now uses until they have something playable and near ready to ship... "Soon™", "Fall 2002" and the like.

Wishes Halo 2, Halo Mac/PC or info on Halo Online had been at least "discussed."

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