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Re: Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest
Posted By: Ubergamer <>Date: 5/25/02 1:01 p.m.

In Response To: Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest (deanero)

: An awesome event, full of fun, carnage, and Bungie style goodness. As always,
: Bungie had exclusive "For Your Fanfest-Eyes Only" stuff to show
: us. They put together a "Halo Life Cycle" video that showed Halo
: from inception to about E3 2000. It was funny seeing Halo as a space
: version of Myth. I would have to say that the funniest moment was the
: Cyborg mounting the little dino (from E3 2000 video) for a romp around the
: ring.

Will that video ever been shown to the people that didnt attend? Louis.. please tell us you have that on tape or something.. :-) I MUST SEE!!

And unlike all these wining bitchy people in here.. i have faith that when Bungie announces what they are working on, it will be worth the wait. Yes im a little upset that i didnt see anything at E3, but thats my own fault because i had my hopes set too high.

Can't wait to play Halo Online :)

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