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Bungie's "kill-tacular" Fanfest
Posted By: deanero <>Date: 5/25/02 12:33 p.m.

An awesome event, full of fun, carnage, and Bungie style goodness. As always, Bungie had exclusive "For Your Fanfest-Eyes Only" stuff to show us. They put together a "Halo Life Cycle" video that showed Halo from inception to about E3 2000. It was funny seeing Halo as a space version of Myth. I would have to say that the funniest moment was the Cyborg mounting the little dino (from E3 2000 video) for a romp around the ring.

Matt spoke about how close they were to actually officially announcing the PC Halo. He indicated that they wanted to be able to do that at the Fest last night, but the un-dotted i's and un-crossed t's made that impossible. We had to yet endure another "Soon".

The Marty Army was subject to jokes and ridicule because we didn't advance to the finals and win the mighty Seventh Column trophy, but I consider tough love by Bungie. The bloody apron says it all and we will return with a vengeance. Hell hath no fury like a Marty scorned!

We were subjected to DV-quality footage that Miguel (Freewill) managed to gather and collect. One was a special video that was absolutely fantastic, and not yet ready for public consumption. I will give you the title, and you can figure out from there and wait. And it's a hundred times better than the original. Ready? "Warthog Jump Revisited".

Afterwards, it was a Halo kill-fest, with Bungie getting into the mix. It was kinda wierd playing against Bungie, (as in four of us against Jason Jones, Chucky Gough, David Candland, and Tyson Greene). Even wierder, was that we WON! Ha! The Marty Army strikes back!

Then cleanup and hob-nobbing with dedicated Bungite (read: Bungie employees low on the totem pole, so they have clean-up duty! :) ). j/k. At least, if you stayed around, they gave away T-Shirts. Which reminds me. Even the Bungie Store made an appearance, and sold stuff VERY cheap. Including the long awaited Halo soundtrack!

All in all, it was a spectacular event! But I can't figure out for the life of me, why Bungie would make their strongest showing ever, and not reveal anything coming up in the future. The only thing I could get out of someone there was that they are working on something that will:
1) be on-line
2) take advantage of the headset communicator device.

After that, that person waved his hand and said "These are not the droids you're looking for. Move along". Strangely, the next thing I remember, I was in the lobby talking to the bellhop.

Thanks go to Bungie and Miguel for setting up yet another "running-riot" event. And Louis Wu, it was nice seeing you in person (though we never formally introduced ourselves)!

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