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ultra-reliable way out of PoA (detailed)
Posted By: oldmano'theCDate: 5/12/02 10:21 a.m.

i've been following in FrogBlast's footsteps, trying out new ways to get up above Cryo B to begin the wall-walking to the bridge and beyond. after trying a very low-percentage jump move in both solo & co-op, i found a way that has worked 100% of the time so far in co-op.

as usual, you start by getting an MC back in the cryo tube -- it's easiest if Player2 does this, as he starts directly in front of his tube after the cutscene. move directly backwards with a jump, but not too far. the object is to land in the tube as the lid closes, and end up 1/2 in & 1/2 out of the tube. move too far back & you get trapped completely within the tube. if you're good to go, stand still & let the checkpoint happen.

now take Player1 out into the corridor, across the pipes into the adjacent passage, through the door, up to the blasted out wall, and stick his face in the flames 'til he dies (a disembodied Marine voice gripes about this -- ignore him).

because Player2 is "between", Player1 does NOT respawn normally, though his screen takes on a somewhat random viewpoint from above the Cryo B room. he will not respond to the controller in this state.

now have Player2 very slowly look down. at some point, Player 1 will respawn, ABOVE the Cryo B room geometry, standing on top of the ceiling/coolant pipes support structure.

now you can get Player2 out of the tube (a small move & jump usually does this OK), and you're ready to start exploring.

for those of you interested in a real challenge, try killing Player2 after doing the above, and figuring out what's happening with the two players...

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ultra-reliable way out of PoA (detailed)oldmano'theC 5/12/02 10:21 a.m.
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