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Anyoen Noticed This One?
Posted By: Nemesis_007 <>Date: 5/4/02 6:55 p.m.

Im pretty sure this hasnt been mentioned but I ahvent been here for a while so i dont really know.... if it has been, sorry. In Blood Gulch, if you have a ghost, take it into one of the bases. If you angle it diagonally against a corner of the base, then get out, you will go into the wall. Not through it (you dont fall), just in the wall. You walk along the edge of the base, and can see outside if anyone is coming (but they of course cant see you). Its kidn fo funny, cause you could do this trick, and watch people from your base, without worrying about being shot. Would definitely help for CTF, you could put yourself in the fonrt wall fo teh base, then be able to look out to see if any enemies were coming. If they entered through the front, you can easily jump out the wall and melee them to the back, then jump right back in the wall =). I made a video of it. Its kidn of neat. Im still experimenting with it, to see how far you can actually go and what you can do. Its kidn of neat, because sometimes you can shoot at the enemies (when theyre in your base) and hurt them, but when they shoot back, they cant hurt you. But if you shoot accidentally hurt yourself it screws it up. Hope I explained it ok.. If not I do have a video......

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Anyoen Noticed This One?Nemesis_007 5/4/02 6:55 p.m.
     Would That be Classified as Trick?Nemesis_007 5/4/02 8:10 p.m.

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