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Easily Descend AotCR
Posted By: chriscorelli <>Date: 3/29/02 3:29 p.m.

Previously, you could only get to the bottom of AotCR at the first bridge with pinpoint grenade placement. NOW it is possible using only the MC, and a lot of luck!
Okay; first bridge, go straight down to the bottom floor, and then turn around and leap off onto the little ledge directly below where you came onto the bridge from. Face out, and s-l-o-w-l-y edge up the right slope, and then drop off. Manoeuver yourself backwards in midair so that you hit the snowy ledge below at the back, crouching as you do so. Now comes the tricky part. As you slide off this ledge, aim for the rock between the two trees, straight in front of you; as you hit it, crouch... annnnnnd... BULLSEYE! You have descended the first AotCR bridge using your wits alone (and a steady hand). Be warned , though, you might not be able to reproduce this easily; it's VERY HARD (it took me about 14 tries before I got it, once I rea;lised it could be done!). But if anyone manages it, please post photos on the tipsntricks page by all means!

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