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Re: Tricks... Louis:}
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 3/26/02 2:21 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tricks... Louis:} (FrogBlast)

: oh yeah, about the tricks section.....

: sorry for the complaint, but the extreme grenade jumping trick was pretty
: much all completely thanks to pete_the_duck, I know his name appears on
: the trick page, and in the intro description... but it doesn't appear
: where it says "Metafire" at

: if you think it's appropriate, (I do), could you change it to
: "pete_the_duck/Metafire" I just think he deserves all the credit
: that he can get for that one...

: just trying to make your day a little bit harder Louis :P

lol - I figured that since he already had an entry based on that technique:

that he didn't need co-credit on this one.

However... I suppose you're right - it's how I've been doing the credit thing, all along. (This is just the first time where there are two tricks, based on the same technique; usually that doesn't happen, cause the second one gets rejected. However, in this case, you took it far enough (with enough cool movies ;) ) that it seemed worth a second entry.)

Off to give pete credit...

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