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…with mid-air Pelican boarding!
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 2/9/13 4:12 p.m.

In Response To: More bridge descents *VID (Sligfantry.)

Wow, there's a whole load of interesting stuff for me to comment on there, and I'm going to divide my reply into sections to do so. It's a darned shame you didn't invest in a capture device so you could do things better justice, but in any event I'll definitely cover some or all of this stuff in my movie series sometime. There were two highlights for me, which I'll cover first.

Crouch-release jump

Firstly, the crouch-release jump you were apparently using to get more distance from the ledge. I've toyed around with doing a jump when hitting the ledge before (a long time ago, and again more recently), but without finding a good use for it other than the fun of going a long way. I didn't realize a crouch-release could make me go further. Did you hit on the crouch-release trick yourself or is it 'known'? I'm wondering if anyone might have noticed it in some context outside of bridge descents.

In connection with the jump at the ledge, I realized something. You don't actually need to do a press-and-release of the jump button. If you simply keep the jump button down, a jump will occur. This simplified the controller work a little, letting me just concentrate on the timing of the crouch-release.

Talking of which, do you have anything extra to say on that timing? I'm still trying to get the knack of it really.

Mid-air Pelican boarding!

The other highlight was the fact that you boarded a Pelican in mid-air! Really that could've done with a video all of its own to give it more of a platform, because it's a pretty remarkable phenomenon in its own right, let alone the fact that you're also using it to descend off the bridge. As you may know, in 2004 Ms. Man got off the bridge by blasting himself onto the top of the Pelican as it was descending. And now here you are cheekily grabbing a ride as it's on the way out! Kind of makes me chuckle.

I've deliberately titled my reply to help get this boarding feat some attention from any passing HBOers who might not be interested in yet more bridge descents but who might be quite impressed with a mid-air Pelican boarding - as well they should!

Descent 1 (0:00-1:32)

At first glance this looks like a variation of your older method, as the landing looks basically the same. However, I see that you're hitting the ledge in quite a different place (quite apart from starting in a different place of course). I haven't tried it out yet, but did you notice any difference from your old method in terms of difficulty?

Descent 2 (1:33-4:09) including fastest ever PAL speed run descent

In regard to your speed run descent shown at 2:50, featuring a run-off from the bridge, I managed to duplicate that after many tries. By continuing to the tree near the far end of the battlefield, I was able to make a decent time comparison with the previous fastest PAL speed descent shown at the end of BCM61 which used your older method. The new descent looked like being about 1.5 seconds faster; so I think yours is the fastest PAL speed run descent yet shown.

At first when I was trying that method, I was jumping over the bridge rim. However, I always died just before reaching the ledge. So it looks essential to touch the bridge rim as you go, something I believe I see you doing. I also found it pretty hard to curve around to avoid the bulge in the cliff face; the route you take in the video makes things a really close shave. Instead of taking such a direct route, I was experimenting with a slight variation. I'd jump onto the bridge rim a bit more to the right, and skip straight off it, going back to the left. This small right-left jink gives a more favourable approach angle from which to avoid the bulge, so it might be worth trying out.

However, even when touching the rim on the way, I was still often dying. To be in with a chance of surviving as you near the ledge, it seems to me like maybe you need to make contact with the cliff face just before the ledge, or perhaps hit the ledge right at the back. I'm not sure quite what's happening. Any comment?

By the way, I also managed to do the descent from the V as you initially show it.

At 3:11 you do a descent in which you hit the Pelican. I was trying to do that same thing a few weeks back! I thought maybe I might be able to land on it, but I couldn't quite get the distance. Apparently I was only a crouch-release away, curses! Anyway, it's a pretty stylish way of cushioning your landing I have to say.

I've already commented on the later Pelican boarding of course. I wonder if (just for fun) such a boarding could also be done from on the ground. Like, jumping up off a Warthog maybe?

Descent 3 (4:10-5:19)

Oh jeepers, you went amost clear across the battlefield! Gotta try that out too. You do realize you're giving me a real headache having to write all this stuff up in my descent guide?

Descent 4 (5:20-6:42)

More great stuff. Well done.

Bad Cyborg

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