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LAN Party Announcement
Posted By: Bryan Newman <>Date: 11/25/12 2:41 a.m.

Herein referred to as KFL

Bryan Newman's house.

Central Kentucky Georgetown to be exact.

Friday May 17th-19th

Why announce it six months in advance? Because I want to give everyone ample time to make preparations.

Everyone from HBO except for you. (I kid of course.)

So here is the skinny... This isn't so much just a LAN Party as it is a kickass everything party. Video Games, a swimming pool, Medium Rare Steaks, Diet Coke, ATV's, Horses, Paintball, Dirtbikes, a gym for schooly, bread for Pete_the_duck, a University of Kentucky jersey for Serpx etc...

Assuming everything goes as planned, a private screening of my first live action project at the local movie theater (It's Halo related.) BYOP (Bring your own popcorn.)

I'm doing this because seeing everyone at PAX is just so much damn fun I hate that it is limited to once a year. I am trying to maximize my HBO time with PAX, HBOMB, and now KFL.

Because I am such a nice guy I am willing to pick up a few people if necessary. I will be driving up to Columbus Ohio the day before to pick up some other friends, if anybody in the Ohio/Indiana area needs a ride I will see what I can do. Maybe you can work out a carpooling scenario with others. As for lodgings, bring a sleeping bag and sleep in the barn (Fully heated/air conditioned/electrified and furnished barn. It's dumb to call it a barn as it houses no animals.... more like party building) We will have food, and drinks. Your diet in Kentucky will consist of the traditional Kentucky foods: Fried Chicken, Fried Horse, Fried Twinkies, Diet Coke....also Papa Johns.

Now what kind of event would it be if you didn't have something exclusive to brag to your friends about, something to show your grandchildren when you tell them about the glorious weekend?
I give you the design for the T-Shirt that will be available to KFL attendees:



The shirt will be available to non attendees via the Bryan Newman store for a very reasonable price but will however come with Scarlett Letters on the front: DNABSAPAMNBTMOS (Did not attend Bryan's super awesome party and must now bear the mark of shame)

A great many thanks to the talented David Fuchs for his epic photoshopping skills. Wu has never looked more Kentuckian than he does in that picture except for the time he wore a Daniel Boone style coonskin cap and knocked out all of his teeth while on a crystal meth trip in that episode of Breaking Bad (That might not have been him.)

The reasons to attend:
Fun, Meet other HBOers, Halo, More fun, a chance to meet THE bryan newman/Bryan Newman/bryan Newman/Bryan newman/ BrYaN nEwMaN

Reasons to not attend:
You hate America and are a terrorist and a Duke fan.

But seriously though it is going to be a very awesome weekend and I hope as many HBOers as possible can attend, keep in mind though HBO is not the only group attending. This is sort of a party for my internet friends in general but with a huge emphasis on HBO. Sound off in the thread if this so much as interests you. I realize that because it is quite a few months from now that you may not know whether you can attend or not but if this is something you think you can attend then lets hear your voice.

There isn't necessarily a "Limit" on the amount of attendees but let's try to keep it under 10,000.

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LAN Party AnnouncementBryan Newman 11/25/12 2:41 a.m.
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     I will be attending.The Lionheart 11/25/12 9:15 p.m.
     well shit.Revenant1988 11/25/12 9:35 p.m.
           Shit.Bryan Newman 11/25/12 11:57 p.m.
                 Re: Shit.Revenant1988 11/26/12 6:19 a.m.
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