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Re: How did you know?
Posted By: Beorn <>Date: 10/23/12 12:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: How did you know? (thebruce0)

: Well actually, on first glance I only noticed the enormous spread of null
: ascii 0's, followed by an alphanumeric string. Though it might be inserted
: data again, due to the corrupted JPG appearance. Googled the string, and
: found that it's also the filename of the clickable glyph from the first
: bulletin , so it had to be something. Then I spotted the string near the
: beginning of the of the 0 span, with the WAVE and RIFF tags. Had to check
: the binary syntax for a WAV file, and then it was just a matter of saving
: it to its own file.

: I don't know if there's any significance to SEC3OP36516. There could be, but
: afaik it's only shown up in these two places now.

: As for the spectrogram, well you start to think any raw audio might have
: hidden spectrogram visuals in it after you've been doing ARGs for 8 years
: ;) heh

: Also, the solution was posted elsewhere long before I posted here... alas,
: work had me away from checking updates until OMGIts Renegade posted the
: proper web version here. Surprised it wasn't posted here already. :)

Ah, good connection to the file name in the first bulletin, and the giant null gaps are definitely helpful. I've been trying to extract the data from the JPEG to a WAV, but I can't seem to get it to transfer it intact; I just get errors when opening the WAV. What program did you use to extract the data?

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