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Re: How did you know?
Posted By: thebruce0 <>Date: 10/23/12 12:28 p.m.

In Response To: How did you know? (Beorn)

: Bruce, I'm curious how you knew that the marker was "SEC3OP36516".
: Does that string have a particular significance? Or did you just see the
: "RIFF....WAVEfmt" and know that was a WAV header?

Well actually, on first glance I only noticed the enormous spread of null ascii 0's, followed by an alphanumeric string. Though it might be inserted data again, due to the corrupted JPG appearance. Googled the string, and found that it's also the filename of the clickable glyph from the first bulletin, so it had to be something. Then I spotted the string near the beginning of the of the 0 span, with the WAVE and RIFF tags. Had to check the binary syntax for a WAV file, and then it was just a matter of saving it to its own file.

I don't know if there's any significance to SEC3OP36516. There could be, but afaik it's only shown up in these two places now.

As for the spectrogram, well you start to think any raw audio might have hidden spectrogram visuals in it after you've been doing ARGs for 8 years ;) heh

Also, the solution was posted elsewhere long before I posted here... alas, work had me away from checking updates until OMGIts Renegade posted the proper web version here. Surprised it wasn't posted here already. :)

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