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Re: Remember Bungie "One of Seven"?
Posted By: UrkDate: 7/6/12 10:48 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Remember Bungie "One of Seven"? (Kermit)

: I kicked the hell out of the internet TRYING to buy a swag bag. :(

You kicked it so hard it seized. ;)

I've really been looking forward to the One of Seven stuff. Working on the architecture has been a remarkable (and remarkably dizzying) experience, but bringing it back down to human scale is where all the real fun is at for me. One of Seven won't signal the beginning of it all for most of us, but it won't be the only opportunity for us to reach out on a more grounded level, either.

We're about to dust off an old trademarked four-letter friend, and introduce you to a new one that we're really excited about. Please be patient with us. We haven't forgotten you.

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