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Re: funny
Posted By: ZackDark <>Date: 5/13/12 1:30 p.m.

In Response To: funny (Miguel Chavez)

: I remember getting into a long back-and-forth with one of the Bungie devs
: over FoV and the Halo2 Beta. I tried to explain that one reason, my theory
: goes, that Halo CE was such a great fighting experience is because of the
: FoV: when up close and personal with another character it was just *so* in
: your face. They just stared at me blankly (long-time readers may notice
: some deja vu here), not really getting why I thought such a thing even
: mattered. ::sigh:

: Funny enough, based on your chart it's ODST that's closest to CE's FoV and I
: do remember that one of the pleasures of the game was the nice feel of my
: view when playing and getting up close and nasty. Think of the 'surprise
: hunter' encounter in the city (usually on the stairs). That would not have
: played the same if the FoV had been different.

: - M


Now that you talked about it, it does seem my great dislike for H3's gameplay might come from the different FoV too, instead of just the Brutes' simplicity.

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