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Re: Makes me wonder...
Posted By: Mid7night <>Date: 11/8/11 4:32 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Makes me wonder... (Postmortem)

: I kinda went on a rant there. I hope it covered the points you made. :P

No worries, you did. ;) I was really just wanting some input from someone a little more immersed in the Haloverse than myself. I understand your struggle with the word "engineered"; to me it encompasses the meanings of great attention to detail in design and creation, but it's shorter to say. :P

I agree it's hard to know what the Flood was "really" made for in the first place, but if the Forerunners really rose up, defied, and ultimately destroyed their creators, I can certainly see the Precursors getting pissed enough to leave this innocuous-looking powder that would eventually wreak their revenge eons later. In the Bible, God was pissed enough at humanity to destroy the world and start over (with a flood... I know the parallel has been drawn before...), and it was only because of Him finding Noah and wanting to spare him and a chosen few that everything wasn't entirely obliterated (the analogy kinda breaks down there).

On the other hand, what do we ACTUALLY know about the Precursors anyway? They created the Forerunners, and probably all the other living species, so they were ridiculously powerful, but where does it say that they were ALL nice and gracious (or good looking)? In Cryptum, the Forerunners talk about how the Mantle was passed down to them from the Precursors, but what evidence do they (we) have of this and where it really came from? What if the Precursors were just as varied as humankind, in every way?


...You postulated in "Rock, Metal & Time" that the Precursor might have "evolved" into the Flood. What if it were the opposite?

Imagine that the Precursors were actually a more advanced, "balanced" version of the Flood all along, and the Flood (as we know it) is really just the basest form of Precursor possible. They would wield all the power the Flood has to assimilate organisms and machines alike, telepathic communication, etc; but the one-minded, homogeneous steamroller would be balanced by a higher individualistic reasoning, and enhanced by an even greater power to create anything, not just soldier-organisms to perpetuate the cycle.

And the Mantle.... Instead of just being a galactic form of species-husbandry, the preservation of the Mantle would actually be the daily act of balancing oneself as a Precursor; wielding and balancing the power to both create and destroy life itself.

I can imagine then, that if the Precursors created a species as powerful as the Forerunner, one that they could pass the Mantle on to, that that creation might be powerful enough to give them a run for their money. What if the Forerunner-Precursor War didn't "kill" the Precursors, but beat the them down into their basest form, removing the balanced Mantle from them and reducing them to the Flood?

Whew...this stuff is mind-tiring. :P

I'm sure there's a few broken threads in there, but I hope I made a little sense. ;)

~ M7

- BSAV -

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